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Sonya Bateman
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You are my new hero, and I love you for this. It's exactly right. :-)
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2010 on About the phone. at not that you asked...
"Ron Jeremy was a prince." I think that's the best sentence I've ever heard in my life. :) It's definitely right up there with "The hammer is my penis."
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I've often wondered, looking back on my own youth, how we ever survived to adulthood. I think we're all granted a tiny portion of the immortality we believe we have when we're young, and there's always at least one event borne of our own stupidity that uses up that spark to survive. So maybe our caution as adults comes from the idea that we've already played our luck cards and can't afford to take the risk of, say, daring the Pacific Ocean to sweep us away. :) I know I should've died at least three times before I hit 20. Maybe more. But here I am to write about it. By the way, great piece. Very evocative.
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The cake is a lie. Sorry. :)
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Hey, every little bit counts. You wrote something! Mission accomplished. :)
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2009 on obscured by clouds at WWdN: In Exile
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...and now I'm tempted to once again try conquering Twitter, just so I don't miss exchanges like this. O, technology, why must you defeat me?!
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Ah, thank you! That was simply amazing ... I will now geek out for a week. :-)
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Dec 1, 2009