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The movie "Crazy Stupid Love" was a recent comedy/romance movie. The movie starts off with a wife saying she wants to divorce her husband and then the husband goes through a series of problems throughout the movie. When the husband is feeling down and in a bar, a "player" type character gives him a talk. He says he'll help the husband get women. Then he takes the husband out shopping to buy a new wordrobe and teaches the husband "proper skills" to get a girl each night. When I was watching the movie I couldn't help but notice the role... Continue reading
I went to the F-Bomb Website. I found it kind of interesting. The website, of course, is a feminist one. It not nessisarily talks only about feminism but also about feminine things or important woman, like for instance, the Whitney H. death. The website also posts things such as, if a politician is doing the right thing. Example: Saturday Vids: Representative Maureen Walsh Does The Right Thing Call me a bit bias, but I really don't like this website and think it's kind of all "rubish". I think Feminism is a bit outdated but the article I came across that... Continue reading
Often after seeing a movie that was based on a book I go, "that was a great movie", because ussually I haven't read the book. Then one of my friends will be like,"read the book, it was ten times better". The best example by far is the Harry Potter Movies vs. the Books. I don't think I will ever hear anybody say that the movies are better than the books because "the books were simply better" I guess. I'm not talking specifiacally about the Harry Potter series but for me I prefer movies. There are many reasons why I think... Continue reading
One of my favorite shows is "That 70s show". Right now it's off the air but when it was running I watched it and now I still watch the reruns. The show on a whole uses Satire a lot but here are some of the examples: There is a lot of irony like when Michael Kelso cheats on his girl friend but when she cheats on him he gets extreamly angry and threatens to dump her. Another example of satire is the contant use of sarcasm. Eric's dad will say something to him, and Eric will respond with a sarcasm... Continue reading
In today's society everybody dresses differently. We all develop our own unique "swag", as some kids call it today. But then if everyone dresses differently, why is it that so many people are still catorgarized with dressing a certain way. Of course I'm not talking about dressing in a rediculus manner, like girls wearing barely nothing or offensive clothing. It doesn't matter how one dresses, unless you're in a t-shirt and jeens, if you step out of the way, "you should dress", someone always has something to say. As an African American, lots of people constantly judge what I wear.... Continue reading
As we all know, in class we are watching the Last of the Mohicans. The movie is intresting and all but the thing that I find standing out is not the plot but the camera techniques and use of music. Untill I actually started to take note of these things I never really cared about them. But they make a huge difference. One example is the first time we are introduced to Cora. The camera starts up in the sky and slowly goes down to her. I actually have seen this in other movies but didn't really notice until now... Continue reading
So the ending to the Scarlett Letter was not terrible, it could have been worse. Basically... Dimmesdale gives his best serman yet, the people love it. He later confesses his sin to the crowd. He then collapses dead (I thought that was odd). Chillingworth gets mad saying that the minister has escaped his revenge. Then Hester and Pearl move away and become a legend before Hester returns and eventually dies. Chillingworth dies too. Before I read the ending (don't worry I finished the book on time) I heard that the author just kills off all the characters and that it... Continue reading
As we all know, we are reading The Scarlet Letter in class. It's an old and classy novel that possesses many ideals and all and the story is alright. OR maybe the story is more than alright. Maybe the story is great and we all just don't relize it is. If only there was some way to put this story into modern terms so that us "children of the new world" could appreciate the novel better. O, but there is. The movie has been out for some time now and we all know the name. "Easy A". The story is... Continue reading
THIS IS A REDO OF MY ROMATISISM BLOG FROM THE PREVIOUS WEEK. Romantism is defined as movement in the arts and literature that originated in the late 18th century, emphasizing inspiration, nature, and subjectivity. This is why I think that there is a lot of Romantism in Washington D.C. I went there on vacation a couple years ago and didn't really appreciate it that much, to tell you the truth. But I did notice the romatism in it. All the things built in it all symbolyed Romantism now that I think about it. Each special thing built in D.C was... Continue reading
You know when your show is on and your all happy and watching it with a grin stretching around your face and then commercials come on and you get really mad and want to hit someone? But then a lizard of gecko, or whatever that green thing is, comes onto your screen with an english accent and you feel happy again. That gecko is helping Geico, a car insurance company advertise. And even though we all love the gecko, Geico decided to make some new commercials. The commercials all differ a little but have a similar structure. A man, with... Continue reading
I really liked the novel of Extreamly Loud and Incredibly close. It was probally one of my favorite books. From the very beginning it drew in the reader, me, and was consistant in doing so for most of the rest of the book. There were some very good views on life that one could take away from the book as well. I really would like to stress on how great the book started out. BY FAR, this book had the best first paragraph I have ever read. There is a BUT. Unfortunatly I didn't agree with the ending. A lot... Continue reading
THIS IS NOT A REDO OF MY AMERICAN IDEOLOGY LYRICS: i am man hear me roar the numbers too big to ignore and i'm too hungry to settle for chick food. cuz my stomach's starting to growl and i'm goin on the prowl for a texas double whopper man that's good oh yes! i'm a guy i'll admit i've been fed keesh wave junk food bye bye now it's for whopper beef i reach i will eat this meat till my innie turns into an outie i am starved i am incorjuble and i'm eating stopper big burger beef bacon... Continue reading
On September 8th, 2011, President Obama gave a speech to the people of America. This speech was important for the two reasons of the "job issue" in America and also looking at it from a broader view, this speech was important for Obama look as the presedential election approaches. The things mentioned on thursday night by Obama were aimed toward the middle class in my opinion because he kept on talking about how hard working Americans deserve to be rewarded for their hard work when they come home to their families. These are the "good guys" of his speech. The... Continue reading
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Sep 8, 2011