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Dear Senator Legg, Re: Regarding public education, please define "stakeholders" as you see it. In this context, I take it that you do not see teachers or parents, on behalf of their minor children, as stakeholders. WHO, if not parents and teachers, could possibly qualify as more of a stakeholder in all matters of public education? May I assume then, Sir, that the absence of parents and teachers on your grocery list of stakeholders, leaves only your cronies, your campaign supporters, the corporate shills with their hands in the deep well of public education funds? The well is deep, as long as it is supporting Pearson, Koch subsidiaries, Microsoft, ALEC loyalists, and on and on. However, if funding classroom materials, textbooks, teachers' cost of living raises, the funds are miraculously scarce. Perhaps this is simplistic. Perhaps I'm assuming too much. However, in this instance, as to who the stakeholders in public education really are, you were either misquoted, or you misspoke. So, respectfully Sir, which is it? Because it's difficult for me to believe that you would categorize only those who were privileged enough to have been invited as a fair representation of Florida's stakeholders in public education. You should be aware: Our numbers are growing daily, and we vote. Yours in education, Sandy Stenoff Parent/Education Activist 100% in support of our BATs all across this nation and beyond
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Sep 1, 2013