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Rick Baumhauer
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I've had on 80GB Intel X25-M for over two years, another for almost two years, with no problems with either. One drive was used in a MacBook for most of its life; the other was used first inside a Mac Pro, then in a FW800 enclosure with an i7 iMac. I'm sure I've swapped them once or twice since I sold the MacBook and one of the drives became a backup. These drives have generally been used as system drives, holding only the base OS and Applications, with user data on a separate drive. Once I experienced the performance difference in the MacBook, I couldn't stand using a platter HD for my OS in any machine going forward. Discovering that I still got most of the performance benefits (zero latency, random read performance, etc) via FireWire, it allowed me to upgrade from an old Mac Pro to a much faster i7 iMac, for less than a comparable new Mac Pro, and get a 'free' 27" display.
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May 20, 2011