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Minioin, UBP "frightened of black people"? This sounds like PLP brainwashing to me... PLEASE, next time try to be a bit more creative [and maybe even accurate] in your description rather than stooping to ridiculous racial slur. Can i also remind you that the UBP is the only party that actually racially represents the Bermudian population.
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2006 on On the ropes at A Limey In Bermuda
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Darkside, i don't know where you used to drive 24 years ago (must have been hidden backroads) but 10+ years ago i had many friends off the road for three years (for their first offence) and there were enough police hidden in bushes all over the place catching people doing over 20 mph (usually around 25mph upwards).. you never saw speeding like you see today as being taken off the road was a serious deterrent... and i agree with Raptor, the smart cars and electric cars you see in cramped places like London and Paris are a fantastic idea. Electic cars in London don't have to pay the £8 per day congestion charge and have free parking all over the city so they are becomming really popular now..
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2006 on Enforcing 35 kph at A Limey In Bermuda
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I read this site almost every day (as a Bermudian) but rarely comment as i generally agree with what's being said.. on this issue however i feel it necessary to say something. Growing up as a kid and then teenager in Bda i remember very clearly how strictly the speed limit was enforced. People actually repected the limit (and although it may seem slow to ex pats) it is and was a sensible limit for the island. We have small roads, a lot of traffic and regardless of what is being said here speed does kill and speed is relative.. (plus Bdns tend not to be the best drivers in the world). i hope that we can go back to strict enforcement - those who speed get three years off the road and a fine (Bda is a great place to cycle so its not much of a hardship). After all, this isn't NYC or London where everyone is always late for everything.. its Bermuda what's the rush no one has far to go!! My final point is that this island is so conducive for outdoor sports although over the past years, its become dangerous running, walking or cycling on the roads. There is just zero respect on the roads and if the police would just be consistent for a change and enforce the law, the roads would be a much safer place for everyone. Limey, i think you'll change your mind when your son grows up and wants to walk or ride his bike to school!!
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2006 on Enforcing 35 kph at A Limey In Bermuda
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