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Paul Janisch
Johannesburg South Africa
BEE compliance consultancy specialising in B-BBEE scorecard maximisation
Interests: The survival of all businesses in South Africa. Black Economic Empowerment; doing business with the SA government; multinationals in South Africa; Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) - both as a transaction advisor and advisor to bidding consortia. Regulatory requirements for licensing purposes.
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They pretty much published it verbatim - Ray Mahlaka edited it down to something a lot easier to read, you know what I'm like when I get started on bolshie bob. South Africa was a battered and bruised country when... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Paul Janisch
And I quote verbatim - you can see the original post here. I don't have Fred Wilson's permission to reproduce this post. He is the reason I blog and I have yet to come across someone as prolific as Fred.... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Paul Janisch
(A sleezy sax is heard in the background – something like the break in Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page”, which is not a sleezy song at all. Imagine a black and white film and a voice talking over the sleezy... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Paul Janisch
There are a number of black commentators who are not in favour of bolshie bob's new amendments. I spoke about Andile Khumalo's article in the Sunday Times a few months ago. We now have an opinion in one of oddball's... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at Paul Janisch
This is something I was not aware of. You can read more here. For those who want a summary, here it is “Black males experienced the largest decrease in median income of 13 per cent, $7,281, followed by black females... Continue reading
Posted Jul 5, 2018 at Paul Janisch
Is dali mpofu as great as he makes out to be? Perhaps the litmus test has arrived with his taking tomuch moyoney to steal as a client. Or perhaps he has another strategy. I read today that he has taken... Continue reading
Posted Jul 4, 2018 at Paul Janisch
Taken up by Namibian Prime Minister Saara Kuu­gongelwa-Amadhila. To quote the Namibian Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said Neeef has six pillars, which are of equal importance. Neeef is more than the 25% equity ownership. (There are) six pillars, and all those pillars are... Continue reading
Posted Jul 4, 2018 at Paul Janisch
Whilst the play is in play the ushers hand out these two documents which will have to substitute for a programme. The ushers inform the audience that they have 60 days to comment on the two documents. hlaudi looks at... Continue reading
Posted Jun 20, 2018 at Paul Janisch
Ain't that the truth. The more I think about our esteemed minister of trade and industry the more I realise that he is worse than zuma when it comes to destroying an economy. His first world mind resides in the... Continue reading
Posted May 31, 2018 at Paul Janisch
As I've said before, the dti will push through anything it wants because it knows that no one will ever raise a stink about their legislating by decree. If they ignored 550 comments when pushing through their last attempt at... Continue reading
Posted May 14, 2018 at Paul Janisch
Here are my comments. It took about a day to draft them. The word document is here - please download these comments and make all the changes you want, but most importantly send the comments to Jacques Manus. The dti... Continue reading
Posted May 2, 2018 at Paul Janisch
Not really my work, I have to thank my friend Feeeeeeeeeeee for pursuing this. I wrote the last blog post on the subject because a useless verification agency (that I will never use again) refused to recognise that the company... Continue reading
Posted Apr 26, 2018 at Paul Janisch
We are just slowing down the (black) empowerment that we want to achieve, says the country’s mines minister. This is a difficult one. Clinging onto licenses for resources does give a government a lot of power and control but it... Continue reading
Posted Apr 25, 2018 at Paul Janisch
It seems to have started with this article, although I would like to believe that my play in one act really clinched the deal. Bruce Whitfield wrote The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has added an unexpected new financial... Continue reading
Posted Apr 24, 2018 at Paul Janisch
Last year I hosted a conference in Windhoek about the NEEEF. The overriding impression I got was that the government was willing to talk and listen to business. Something that our dear bolshie bob is not willing to do at... Continue reading
Posted Apr 12, 2018 at Paul Janisch
[Enter Post Title Here] The scene – a room in a prime office in Meintjies Street Pretoria. A nondescript bearded man in a Mandela shirt is reading the news online whilst he fondles his made-to-scale replica of Marx’s gravestone. Man... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2018 at Paul Janisch
This is a short post but it will be followed up by a longer one. bolshie bob published this document for comment. A few features No more modified flow through for enhanced recognition as a QSE or EME. This was... Continue reading
Posted Mar 29, 2018 at Paul Janisch
There was a conversation between me and a person who I had met yet about their BEE scorecard. They were told by their completely unreasonable clients that they have to be a level 1 or 2. We're talking about a... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2018 at Paul Janisch
The poor official opposition. They have suddenly become irrelevant. With Cyril moving the aNc towards the centre, the DA have found themselves wanting. julius knows this too - he's going all out to remain relevant. First it was the land... Continue reading
Posted Mar 9, 2018 at Paul Janisch
What to do? My last post which was published on Biznews this morning. In this article I reverted back to type and poured out my usual anti-davies vitriol, all of which hoped that Rob Davies (uppercase because of search engines)... Continue reading
Posted Feb 27, 2018 at Paul Janisch
Disclaimer: please excuse the uppercase usage for zuma, gigaba (abagig to this blog), davies (should be bolshie bob) and dud miyeni (in the land of sheer incompetence this one truly stands out, we are talking mkhwebane incompetent). It’s been almost... Continue reading
Posted Feb 22, 2018 at Paul Janisch
Nodderfok. Useless arsehole that he was and continues to be. Now I listen to Jessie Doosart telling a public that detests both equally how great zuma was. He wasn’t Continue reading
Posted Feb 14, 2018 at Paul Janisch
With the removal of IRBA the number of VAs have dropped from about 450 to 72 (this figure is exact and comes from SANAS' website). The two graphs below show the split between provinces and which cities they operate in.... Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2018 at Paul Janisch
How SANAS loves its paperwork. This is a spinoff from bolshie bob's desire to create paperwork and red tape. How this is going to result in transformation resides only in his red mind. The internet was trawled for a trainee... Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2018 at Paul Janisch
Whilst we wait for Cyril to do something about this abomination known as the BEE codes I might as well provide my loyal readership with a short tutorial on ownership. Before I start I need to stress that ownership is... Continue reading
Posted Jan 17, 2018 at Paul Janisch