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Chicago, IL USA
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The 2008 Turin production of Thais by Stefano Poda has been a huge success here in São Paulo, and I had the pleasure of being at a performance yesterday evening. And a great evening in the theatre it was with... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Brian Dickie
The Tryp Hotel, São Paulo I am here in São Paulo, the largest city of South America, safely installed yesterday evening in the charming hotel I stayed in last time I was here, the Tryp, in the unpromisingly named but... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Brian Dickie
I have had a nice quiet day in London, including a long walk back from the King's Road across the Albert Bridge to home after a shopping trip. I have auditions in São Paulo on Tuesday, then to Buenos Aires... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at Brian Dickie
Once in a very rare while there is a performance which takes us to a different level, to beyond the borders of reasonable expectation, a performance and production so superbly assembled and executed that quality and excellence must be redefined.... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at Brian Dickie
When I was Artistic Director of Wexford all those years ago (1967-73) I made a mark with productions of 19th French opera repertoire that was not so widely performed in those days. We began in 1967 with Roméo et Juliette... Continue reading
Posted Jul 21, 2015 at Brian Dickie
Glyndebourne's new production of Die Entführung has been generally well received. David McVicar has a track record of producing productions of classical integrity and full of detail - and always visually a feast. And Glyndebourne has the resources and production... Continue reading
Posted Jul 19, 2015 at Brian Dickie
I had a few hours in Sussex today visiting my younger son and family. This meant a short wait at Lewes Station before transferring to a train for Berwick.......Lewes has a pretty station ("can such things be pretty?" you ask... Continue reading
Posted Jul 15, 2015 at Brian Dickie
And so has gone one of the very greatest - and for opera lovers of my generation growing up in London an inspiration from our teenage years onwards. Jon Vickers was a member of the Royal Opera company in the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2015 at Brian Dickie
We had our private AGM at the Palace Theatre on Monday. This comment appeared in The Guardian today! Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2015 at Brian Dickie
I was back at Garsington yesterday evening, for the Cosi fan tutte production which caused some controversy. The important thing is that there was a splendid cast, dominated by the Alfonso of Neal Davies who would be distinguished in this... Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2015 at Brian Dickie
It was a mixed weather weekend at Garsington, glorious perfect English summer afternoon on Saturday - and cloudy yesterday. But even so yesterday the place looked classically beautiful, with the very English garden and outbuildings providing as elegant a "foyer"... Continue reading
Posted Jul 6, 2015 at Brian Dickie
Photo: Tristram Kenton/for the Guardian I hugely enjoyed Guillaume Tell at the Royal Opera House yesterday evening. The musical performance inspired by Antonio Pappano was at the highest level. The superlative ROH chorus were stars of the show up there... Continue reading
Posted Jul 3, 2015 at Brian Dickie
I have been taking it easy since I got back on Monday. But now off to Guillaume Tell at the Royal Opera House. A long evening - more tomorrow! Continue reading
Posted Jul 2, 2015 at Brian Dickie
My day in Tbilisi yesterday began with the twenty minute walk up to the Conservatory from my hotel, the Ambasadori where I have stayed on each of my previous visits to Tbilisi. It is the very antithesis of the standard... Continue reading
Posted Jun 29, 2015 at Brian Dickie
I have finished the European part of Neue Stimmen at last - and this morning fly back to London after just thirty six hours in Tbilisi. I can now calm down a bit before the last two laps - Brazil,... Continue reading
Posted Jun 28, 2015 at Brian Dickie
I am here is this delightful place after a nearly five hour flight from Amsterdam on Georgian Airlines, the proud possessor of just six aircraft, including two 737s. Is this the world's smallest national airline? Anyway it got me here... Continue reading
Posted Jun 27, 2015 at Brian Dickie
View from my room at 21:46 this evening June 26 2015 Once again I fought my way through Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam's nightmare point of entry, to get back here this evening to hear the two Georgian singers. But it was... Continue reading
Posted Jun 26, 2015 at Brian Dickie
Here I am for a full day of auditions at the Conservatory - a list of around 50. I then skip back to London this evening but return here tomorrow evening to hear two Georgian singers who are taking part... Continue reading
Posted Jun 25, 2015 at Brian Dickie
This is the first time that Neue Stimmen has held auditions in Prague. And the competition has been going for 28 years.....We had a most interesting mix today - singers from no less than 12 different countries. We had one... Continue reading
Posted Jun 23, 2015 at Brian Dickie
We managed to hear 120 singers in the two days here in Berlin. And there was a handful of hugely talented young people amongst them. But, as ever, we had a sequence of excellent singers unfortunately lacking the "unique selling... Continue reading
Posted Jun 21, 2015 at Brian Dickie
Evamaria Wieser will rejoin the jury table in Berlin today and tomorrow after her few days in Kiev and Moscow. The list today has 75 names on it, with another 75 tomorrow. We will be in conclave from 10 am... Continue reading
Posted Jun 19, 2015 at Brian Dickie
It is always such a pleasure to come to Vilnius, Lithuania's delightful capital. The warmth of the people, the quiet way the city goes about its daily business, and the character of this little city, all prove attractive, and the... Continue reading
Posted Jun 19, 2015 at Brian Dickie
I am now in Vilnius - and I am looking forward to a full three hours of auditions tomorrow. In addition to the Lithuanians there will be some from Belarus which is close by. Minsk is just two an half... Continue reading
Posted Jun 17, 2015 at Brian Dickie
Well after Tbilisi zoo problems I am back in London but not before encountering another zoo - UK Border control at Heathrow. Above was the scene in Terminal 5 yesterday evening. It is embarrassing that the UK government fails in... Continue reading
Posted Jun 16, 2015 at Brian Dickie
There was a flood and wild animals are out on the streets of Tbilisi. So I thought it right that I should postpone my visit to Georgia for a few days. So I am returning to London this afternoon and... Continue reading
Posted Jun 15, 2015 at Brian Dickie