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Yes! I am a fan of the Bendis books, too! Good call.
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I also feel, tho', that the MU was written by people who had grown up with the DCU, so they had a background in creating, not just art and one-shots, but an entire universe, and all of the confidence that comes with knowing the art form is sustainable. (In other words, risk? What risk?) It must've been something of a luxury to know that there was an audience for the material -- an audience created by DC (in large part, it seems to me)! So, theoretically, Marvel is an upgraded version of storytelling from DC 'cause DC laid all of the groundwork. (FYI, this is just a tho't I'm having in the moment. Not sure it's true. Feel free to discuss and destroy.) :-)
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I completely agree with you, Wil! I was a huge DCU fan in my youth. I tried picking it up again with some of the annual event series they put out (see Final Crisis or Civil War), but honestly, I think (due in large part to gaming, no doubt) that my tastes have evolved and become more -- dare I say? -- sophisticated. That being said... I'm loving me some Terry Moore these days. I'm also revisiting a lot of classics, such as Gaiman, and some old Aspen series. And I'm giving Red Sonja a shot (another childhood fave), just in case she's grown up, too. :-) FYI, if you haven't read Preacher, you really -- REALLY -- should. I'm also starting to explore The Mice Templar, Echoes, The New York Five (a DC series that seems intriguing), and Fables. Generally, I'm a fan of Image and Vertigo Comics. Truthfully, I'm kinda disheartened by the plethora of TV- or video game-based comics. (Dark Horse, I'm lookin' at you!) I love those avenues of entertainment in and of themselves, and read comics for different reasons. I'm a bit resentful of the cross-over, and how successful it appears to be. Anyway. For what it's worth, that's my two cents. Thanks for the post!
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Mar 23, 2011