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Interests: Art, Crafts, Reading - from fantasy to philosphy, current affairs, weblogs and journals, mental health issues
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I hope so, too, Cat. This is the third 'episode' since May and its getting just a little tiresome! And thank you for your comment about my art work. I keep posting it but am never really sure whether anyone enjoys it, lol.
Hi Cluny, thanks for dropping by. I have been to Dublin, but it was many years ago. The thing I remember most from museum visits was the wonderful Celtic gold. You would love seeing that jewellery! Do I read? Oh yes, avidly! My house is filled with books fighting for space with paintings, beads, and 'I might need this one day' stuff!
Luckily my tutor is very understanding and supportive. A little too much in some ways as he said I did not have to do the project if I didn't want to. I suspect that it would be a bad idea to begin 'getting out of things', especially this early on.
Thank you, Cat. I had forgotten that I had written it until I sat glancing through my notebook.
The evening was - interesting - lol! But enjoyable never the less.
Yes, its good, isn't it? Definately one to remember.
A couple of years ago when at the age of 47 I deceided to return to full time education. Worried about whether I would able to be cope because of my mental health problems I discussed the matter with my (ridiculously young) physchologist, I will quote his reply: 'Well, at your age it doesn't really matter whether you complete the course or not. Its not as if you were young and were planning a career. At your age its just something to fill your time.' I almost, almost, didnt follow through with my plans after that. However as I start the second year of a four year degree, I'm really glad that I chose to ignore him.
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I have mixed feelings about this time of year. Excited to be back but hating the 'vagueness' of these first few days. I'll be glad once I have my timetable for the year and the 'safety' of a structure to the days that I can ignore when I want to lol!
Alethea - Thank you. I think maybe its the sharp difference between the two 'me's' that has left me feeling confused. The only connection between the two being my 'status' as a 'mother'. Perhaps I have defined myself that way for too long. Brony - I guess I had thought that by the time I reached my age I would know who I am, ~smile~ Thank you for taking the time to comment. Cat - Again thank you. Your comment got me thinking. 'She' was spontaneous and adventurous, if only a little. My son once said that I am living my life backwards. Maybe if I had allowed 'her' to exist when I was 18 she wouldnt have suddenly appeared this summer. So maybe you are right - a part of me with which I am not yet familiar...hmmm
Thank you, Elle. I thought hard before I wrote this. We all want our families to appear perfect. The problem is that few are and those of us who some times struggle can feel as though they are the only ones. Bringing up teenagers is tough and I wanted to share what we had learned. Family is important, and no matter how broken it seems, if there is love and the desire to mend it, then it can and will be mended.
Kos really is a beautiful island, Cat. I have lots and lots more photos to share, although the rest are mainly of people.
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I remember being young and being utterly convinced that the world was about to destroy itself. I remember not wanting to marry or have children because I feared that there would be no future for them. But I did marry, I did have children and the fear faded. I remember the hope I felt when the Berlin wall came down. The way I felt as though something had been released from my heart. Now, sometimes, I hear my children asking the same questions as I once did. The shadow falls on their generation as it once did on mine. And before that on my parents and their parents. Perhaps it has always been this way. x
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Kiku - I am so happy to hear from you again. I've missed you. Cat - I shall probably bore every one to death with my stories, lol. My older kids are already beginning to roll their eyes each time I open my mouth, lol!
Vicky - To have got to the age of 49 without swimming in the sea struck me as a very sad state of affairs. It was something I knew I had to do, and now I am so glad that I did! Cat - Thank you for making such a kind and flattering comment. This TT was special for me and each item reminds me of a dozen more.