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Chris Beamond
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The problem with FXAA is that it tends to blurs textures and other items that shouldn't be blurred by its very nature. ATI use a similar form of AA called "Morphological Anti-aliasing" (MLAA). It has exactly the same idea of FXAA - run a shader pass over the entire image and clean up highly contrasting parts. It also blurs textures and aliasing. The difference between FXAA and MLAA is that MLAA is run after then entire scene is drawn. That means that text, hud elements, etc are also slightly blurred. However, it can be theoretically used for any game. MSAA doesn't blur shaders unlike MLAA/FXAA which is a credit to them too. FXAA is a pretty neat idea around for underpowered systems, and especially consoles and handhelds, but since I have the horsepower to enable 4xMSAA on practically every game, and 8xMSAA on most of them, I much prefer to use these forms of AA. True that MSAA doesn't affect the shaders, but I don't notice it most of the time anyway. About SMAA - That's pretty neat. I did notice that Crysis 2 had a very sweet AA going on and it seemed pretty fast too. I'll have to look into SMAA more. From what I've seen though, I would love for it to appear in a diver update for my Nvidia GTX 560Ti
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Dec 8, 2011