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Oh, that was JUST what I needed to give me a lift today (working on homework, stressing at loosing health insurance, etc). It's fun doing goofy stuff with the one you love :) Spent last night laughing with my husband as we watched the movie 'The Rocker' - not exactly an exciting anniversary night (we're too darned broke for that right now... but 22 years! woohoo!) but it was a lot of fun.
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OMG! Pig Mania AND Tempest! That was totally awesome! (and I still have the pig mania game - had that sucker for 25 years now... :/)
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Pretty apt post for around our place, thanks for the reminder of what it's all about. Not a lot of cash flow right now anyway (I'm out of work, & the husband just got laid off yesterday - happy freakin' holiday...), and I've always hated the stress of 'HAVE to get the right gifts for everyone'. Looking back, one of my favorite things about the holiday was laying under the tree, looking up at the lights. It's definitely time to go put up a tree....
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Dec 22, 2009