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Chris, I'm impressed. Our experiences with Apple have been vastly different. I too grew up Apple - writing papers, learning fonts and design, typesetting for $$ to earn college tuition. At one time in life I was a football recruiter for UVA. I even designed a recruiting database and analysis system for the coaches that Apple suits were so impressed with they came to visit and "acquired" the rights to it. (I got nothing but the school/dept. did). Then four years ago I won a MacBook on a reality type show. Three months into using it I learned it was a lemon and thus began my four year Gillian's Island "3-hour-tour" from hell experience with Apple. No one responded when I wrote Steve. I have since learned from friends who work at Apple that reps have the ability to "blacklist" you - meaning stonewall your customer service efforts if you piss them off, or they don't like your tone, or the number of calls, or if they're simply having a bad hair gel day when you call. So I've been blacklisted. The only thing I can think of that I might have done is that I mentioned to a gushing, "I'd give Steve Jobs a blow job if I could" rep that I "didn't drink the whole Apple kool-aid" thing, but I liked the computers. Failure to be an Apple zombie got me banished. Nothing personal. I don't suck up to anyone. Good thing too. Obviously being punished for being what Apple supposedly espouses "Think Differently" negates real customer service. The message I get from Apple is that as long as you are a loyal clone, spewing the love - you get the love. It's impossible to "just love the ease, the design and the operation of a WORKING Mac and get the same response. So, I'm glad they responded to you. Me? A new friend of mine who works at Apple now told me that they don't make the Black MacBook anymore. "Too many lemons." I rest my case.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2010 on I Love Apple at A Life of Crime
Ed, I posted on Facebook too - this is an excellent approach and review! It's my favorite so far of all the Linchpin reviews I've read. I love how you personalized it and made it four days with Seth. Very nice!!!
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Jul 22, 2010