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TY for sharing this advice, David, and for sure -- clarifying RE: "advances." I think there are widespread misconceptions regarding that arrangement, as well as royalties. There's much to be known about publishing a book, with many choices...
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2011 on How to work with a book publisher at Web Ink Now
Agreed. As the majority of my career has been based on creativity, I don't view it as a commodity, either. I have always believed client-focus vs agency infrastructure is key to effective service delivery.
Having worked in major market/international advertising agencies, I set up my marketing-communications consultancy (in 1982) *intentionally* as an alternative, based on my first-hand observations. I think these 10 points are areas to review in any client-service provider relationship, especially 'billable hours.' When the 'commodity' of creativity is added into the mix, an element of complexity is introduced to the relationship.
I was just independently reviewing this today! My findings are similar. Considering why, I agree that syndicated posts don't carry the more personal touch -- and hence usually don't receive a glance for those looking to make a meaningful connection. I've often believed that a series of posted tweets, hashtagged notes, etc. made a profile look like 'no one was home' ...then I say "what's the point?!" I have had some response to my NetworkedBlog posts, however. @AshleysAvon search for the NetworkedBlogs FB Page, and click on 'go to app' -- hope this helps.
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Great advice, Denise... appreciate your thoughts. Marketing mix appropriate for a business, client, or personal brand is essential for effectively communicating, and reaching the targeted audience -- on multiple channels. Why would anyone limit their efforts? Many choices available to communicate. While cohesively defined, the target audience is receiving messages via scattered means across the platforms. Definitely agree that a blog is the one place where the message and mediums may be controlled, and available on a consistent basis -- not to be forgotten or replaced by the latest and greatest shiny-new Social Media Tool.
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I completely agree, Denise! The power of a "personal" contact should never be underestimated. People connect with people. It's true that much of our work in marketing is to build corporate identity, create awareness for products and services, and communicate company ideas, but it is the people within those entities who make the actual contact with customers, clients, prospects and communicate with the public at large, isn't it? Thanks for your thoughts on this, Denise. By explaining your rationale, you provide valuable insight to the majority of professionals and business people who have a need to know and understand this key ingredient in their marketing.
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Thanks for this insight -- you are so right! "Down time" can often be viewed (even by those of us who must attach a purpose/goal to every action throughout the day) as creative space, and a launch pad to catapult into the next step or adventure!
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Feb 17, 2010