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Mycroft Holmes is Sherlock's smarter brother; according to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle he's so smart that all he does is sit in a room (at the Diogenes club) all day and think. It's thus appropriate (on all sorts of different levels) that "Mycroft" is the pseudonym of the mastermind behind Applied Genius.
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Mar 15, 2010
Frost a standard 6-oz martini glass. In a cocktail shaker, combine: 1 oz Chambord 3 oz Champagne ice cubes made from lemon-flavored water Let stand 30 seconds and then shake three times (just enough to cause the champagne to effervesce) and decant. Serve with panache.
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I would feel like going into the store and conducting a little "artistic rearrangement" myself -- followed by (a) the obligatory photo, (b) observing passers'-by double-takes, (c) subtly checking-back to see how long it takes for the store clerks to figure out the joke. As Val Kilmer said in "Real Genius," "It's a moral imperative." But I thought you'd given up on Borders because of their cowardly editorial-cartoons policy?
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