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Ages ago, I noticed that Windows was never quiet. My box had a HD light, and it was constantly flickering. When I inquired about this on Win tech sites, I received no satisfactory answer. At the time, I was concerned with HD life. Seem to recall I saw some HD activity also in Linux (Mint), even while no user apps were running. Hugely gratifying to see this recognized as a real OS design issue.
Coupla things. First, "mailing list" - if you mean listservs - are NOT awful. Best forum/list I was ever on was for ultramarathoners. It was amazing - you could post a question and receive an answer from a top South African ultrunner. Of course, the group was tightly focused around a single topic - had highly respected participants - and a population of about 1000. That said, I'll be looking at Discourse very seriously as a platform for our organization with 40,000-plus members worldwide. And THAT said, you could have mentioned at the start that it'll be TWO YEARS before you release it. And that "open source, completely free" doesn't mean, well, free as in beer.
Threaded discussions are more likely to be horrible. It's Craigslist forums (Brueghelian) vs. SFGate Sports (wonderful - with voting, no less).
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I write 'em on a 3x5 and throw 'em out at the end of the day. Messy is flexible.
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Fine, let's have a device the size of a cigarette pack that holds all the computing power. But then I need a trackball to relieve my "mouse elbow," a keyboard because my business is editing tech docs, and TWO monitors (big ones) because I'm webmaster for a small private school in Palo Alto and a bunch of yoga-related sites. And I'm never, ever on the road. (Sorry, but the library is just too noisy to work efficiently.) Despite the obvious appeal of tiny devices that can do many things blazingly fast, there are task for which they will always fail, fail, fail without an adequate human interface.
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This is the fault - or rather, the pitfall - of open source software. It's due to the narrowed perspective of the designer. People who don't have to expand their awareness to include the realities of others (because they have to - commercial software companies demand it, and ignore it at their peril) end up creating applications that fully satisfy just one person - themselves - for a while. Brilliant software works for many people and is updated rapidly in response to user requests. Think WordPerfect for DOS in the mid-1990s. The company responded to user requests and incorporated the good ones quickly - you could buy an update disk for $15 every few months. Then along came Microsoft with marketing power and a bad attitude and bad software...and we haven't had a decent word-processing app since.
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Intrinsic motivation is hardly a new idea; it's an embedded feature of human nature. Fascinating topic - one that was researched in the early mists of time by the rishis of ancient India. It's simple: what people want is to experience greater happiness and escape sorrow. We've been given five instruments through which we can find happiness: body, feeling, will, mind, soul. Happiness comes by using these tools "expansively" - in ways that expand our awareness. Suffering comes when we use them contractively. As a distance runner, the most contractive thing I can do is overtrain. OT'd runners are crabby and incapable of much empathy. Expansive training is harmonious, controlled, incremental; it produces joy. Same goes for sharing, whether it's code or smiles. I've done 50-mile races as fundraisers for a small private school. Those races were tinged with an aura of joy. Interesting stuff. I wrote a book about expansive sports - the whole dang thing is online: Fitness Intuition.
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