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Brint Kriebel
Colorado Springs, CO
CyanogenMod developer, VMware employee, geek.
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I still need to work on a kegerator/keezer as well. What I did as a holdover was build an Jockey Box. It's quite a bit cheaper and easier to make, and it has the added benefit of being portable (great when going car-camping). Mine is three-tap using a six port cold plate from ebay. Pics:
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Wil, It was a neat experiment and video quality was quite good. I think it would be great to get some of the "behind the scenes" looks. I'm hoping that Google+ offers up the ability to do something like this soon (beyond hangouts which fill up way too fast). For the homebrew, I'd recommend switching to glass carboys. Much easier to clean, and it's fun to watch the yeast in action during the brew. Kegging is also wonderfully easy, but does take away a little of the gratification of having your own bottles.
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Dec 1, 2011