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I'm curious how Wil would answer, but it's usually an active thing. It's knowing that you want to be where you are in the real world but still disappear into a role in your work. So, you give yourself reminders when you come out of that role--things to ensure you remember who YOU are when you emerge. It can be confusing sometimes, and yes, you can disappear if you're not careful. But with intention, you can, as AlyGatr said above, force yourself out and back into the world you are connected to. At least, that's my experience. IMHO, the risk is worth it!
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That's interesting. I've never thought of acting itself as being "lonely." Yes, I have experienced the "quiet, public solitude" and the feeling of being alone with my art in a room with ten to a thousand people, but alone and lonely are two different things. Everyone else on stage goes through the same or a similar process, and that creates a way to bond and connect right there--at least, it has for me. And as you said, you have to be intimately connected with everyone on that stage. Even in a one-performer show, that can't be lonely... I will say that in dealing with non-artist friends and family, it can feel a little bit like I'm a platypus in a room full of ducks, but I reserve a different part of myself for those interactions, and while the discussions on acting and music don't usually go too far without people looking at me a bit funny, I take consolation in the fact that there are parts of their lives I would never "get" either. Of course, it is a great help that I'm married to a musician. He and I, as artists, are kind of wired the same way. So even when we can't break through what the other is doing, we still "get" it for each other. Maybe Dean didn't find enough people he was close to who he thought "got" it the way he did. And Nat_A_Lie has a point about abandonment issues. Having a support system behind you can make all the difference in the world.
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Apr 19, 2011