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"unlike normal dialog that comes from an emotional place, technobabble comes from memories that don't exist" I don't completely agree. I'm a programmer. I tend to be pretty reserved. If you talk to me about my friends and family, I'll betray some tenderness. If you want to see me speak from a deeply emotional place, get me talking about programming languages or threading models for concurrent systems. Experts, people who have poured their lives into studying a field, speak about that field with deep emotion. The simplest truths are spoken with certainty that reflects moral conviction. ...Not that this means anything to a non-expert speaking the lines of an expert. I just think people should understand - I don't _just_ question Java's technical merits, I hate Java because it's evil.
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One of my favorite types of books to read is the 'reassembled discarded ideas stories' of authors I like. Things like Orson Card's "Worthing Saga". You can read through that and see the seeds and attempts at many of the ideas that later appear wholly formed in his novels. Many short story collections are like this
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Feb 2, 2011