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Appreciate the classy comeback on twitter when I simply mentioned the fact it was unusual you had no blog comments after over 30 hrs, which seemed highly unusual….really showed your true colours and class there. For someone who I had a modicum of respect for, after hearing him rather impartially talking about DEC on infosmack (showing good insights and analysis) I must say I’m surprised by your rants around competitors technology with very little of the information actually based on fact. I just wonder why you are so focussed on NetApp and your opinion on what you perceive to be their solutions (facts aren’t needed when you are blogging it seems), in fact five out of your last six blogs are about them! In my opinion it makes you seem rather insecure in yourself and your employer (EMC). There are people out there that can help you with your issues. Maybe you should take a note out of some of your colleague’s books and actually blog about features and benefits EMC offer, instead of what you don’t understand. Mind you I’d lose a great competitive sales tool when up against EMC; your blog.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2011 on Their future. Your past. at Storagezilla
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Zilla you make the comment "Indeed you can already take application consistent array based point in time copies on EMC Arrays, restore from them and roll them over to external media." however you don't talk about the perfromance impact this has on the array (copy on first write). Of course you can do full clones with little perf impact but you don't mention the capacity it takes (full copy and capacity use). Interesting comments about Symantec and Huawei you have made, potentially that could be a good match and I could see it happening. PowerSnap and NetApp...of course you can use it, NetApp provide an open set of APIs that can be developed around for this very purpose, in my book that is a positive thing and I'm glad EMC could figure out how to utilise them. Why bother with array snapshots is understandble from EMC's perspective. However, NetApp snapshots add value as they are space efficient, quick and cause no perceptible performance impact. EMC snapshots do not provide this value and are rather clunky. Recommending software snapshots, and then claiming portability adds value, makes sense to me based on what EMC can do. Mind you NetApp provides that portability with vFilers, allowing you to move virtual arrays around different physical arrays so they already have that covered
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2011 on Their future. Your past. at Storagezilla
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@chuck Chuck you are probably the last one to accuse anyone else of FUD. I feel secure about the comments I have made over the last few months, can you say the same thing? Also worth noting that pointing out benefits of another vendor product, other than EMC, is not FUD it is just the distribution of information. @Jerimiah I thought you were pushing the standard marketing line and I didn't realise you were truly surprised. If you look at a lot of the interaction between a lot of vendors and partners, at least in Australia, there is a lot of civil interaction and mutual respect (including storagebeers, vbeers and more)
Wow! you better make sure you and the VCE boys don't fall off that high horse, it is a hell of a fall!! While I disagree with FUD (twitpiss is fud) I find it a bit funny that you are complaining about it. When I was an EMC partner, and as a SNIA member on a blogging tour of different vendors, I have walked out of many EMC presentations where EMC spent at least 20% of the time talking (incorrectly) about issues with the opposing vendors solutions (IBM, NetApp and others), rather than the benefits of their own. I know that there was a large number of EMC reps in Australia presenting FUD documents and info to customers regarding an outage at a major domestic airline; even after accenture noted that the hardware vendor EMC was pointing the finger at was not at fault. I heard a rumour that legal action may be pending regarding this now disinformation spreading now. If that is all you can talk about you need to work on your product offering and/or your messaging and use cases. quick disclousre - I'm a reseller/integrator employee that is a partner with quite a few different vendors - EMC is not one of them. I have previousuly worked with an EMC partner in a pre-sales capacity.
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Nov 15, 2010