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Mike: we were successful in handling the difficult situation. Appreciate your inputs: I have added your blog on my blogroll, let me know if that's ok. Thanks, Sameer
Nice post, Mike. Very valuable information that I can relate to my current situation. There's however one more critical problem we are facing, could you share your thoughts on that: The knowledgeable customers are reporting to/managed by a coordinator who "controls" the meetings. It is not possible for us to avoid having that person in our meetings or for that matter to have a business decision. And clearly the main users have needs that are NOT entertained by this decision maker. There's no active participation by the users when this controlling person is in the discussions. Your insights will be very helpful.
Good to see I'm not alone facing this problem. This is exactly what we tried to discuss in "What's in it for me" open space during the SGUS earlier this month (Refer @bachananand - >> I hate to see people being asked to use process and tools that waste their time. We need to reach out to management to help them understand.. Something I tried to find answer to and I believe I will need to pair with a experienced "Agile Coach" to help me address this. Unfortunately - Agile/Scrum are REALLY being used as "fashion statements" by some ppl. >>If Scrum team members are asked to work on more than one project.. That's what I remember from Jeff's keynote - if you're looking for multitasking, you're NOT really doing scrum. It's focused, dedicated attention to your team and product. May be it's time to collaborate with Tobias on my action plan on addressing the issue here. By the way, since Lucy asked the question - I am sure she is ready for the change. It's a positive change! Good luck.
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Mar 29, 2010