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Tom Benedict
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This is a really insightful post, Wil. Thank you for writing it. As I read through it, especially the last two paragraphs, this light went off in my head: Now I see why I like the dialogue in your stories! Food for thought... I hope in the future you have plans to write a book on writing. I've never seen this particular take on dialogue before. I'm glad I have now. Cool cool stuff!
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Sandman Slim is going on the list. (SWEET!) And I get to check out Generator Rex to see if the kids want to watch it. It's like a free dose of cool! To follow up on Rickg's comment, it may have been a year since Wootstock Seattle *cough* but I don't think there's been a Wootstock Hawaii >harrumph<. Any chances? (Imagine one of your dogs in the begging pose.)
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I'm glad you wrote this list, too. Now I get to cruise it and see what I've been missing! But I can completely understand why it felt so weird to write it, even if it does read like a card catalog and not a brochure. If you ever discover the cure for that nagging feeling that it's somehow wrong to promote your own stuff, please let me know.
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Apr 15, 2011