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Holy crap, the year has just flown by, and now it's time for cycling nirvana. Three weeks of lycra goodness, with lots of drama, crashes, climbing, and did I mention drama? It all starts on Saturday, and needless to say a lot of us will be glued to the TV, when we aren't checking our fantasy cycling team, of course ...... So what to look for in the Tour? There are pretty much three big things -- there's the general classification fight, the sprinter's fight, and the search for stage wins. I'll start with the GC, since that's most folks... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2010 at Velo Angels - Ride, Girls. Ride.
So on Sunday we were treated to an amazing Tour of Flanders -- seriously, the two strongest guys going off on the climbs, throwing down so hard no one else could cover -- you just can't beat that. But the joy of victory is fleeting, because next Sunday those riders who beat themselves up getting up and over the cobbled climbs, will have to descend into the Hell of the North -- Paris Roubaix. So why, you ask, is Paris Roubaix called the Hell of the North? It's simple -- because guys have to ride over 200 miles, on road... Continue reading
Posted Apr 5, 2010 at Velo Angels - Ride, Girls. Ride.
2 out of 3 ain't bad ......
Alright now folks, as the resident pro cycling geek here, it's my duty to bring everyone up to speed on the greatest week in the pro cycling calendar. Next week we'll talk about Roubaix, but today, it's all about the Ronde -- Sunday's Tour of Flanders. The Ronde is a fascinating race because of it's narrow roads, 15% climbs over wet cobblestones, and the batshit crazy, likely drunk, Flemish fans lining the entire course. Think I'm kidding? This is one of the few pro races where every single year, many folks are reduced to walking. This is also a fascinating... Continue reading
Posted Apr 2, 2010 at Velo Angels - Ride, Girls. Ride.
I'm not sure if you're figured this out yet, but our fearless leader Mai is a bit of a badass. Now I'm here to talk about all things pro cycling, which gives me a chance to discuss my love for the hard classics and the hard men who win them. These are guys who ride in the snow and freezing rain, have horrific crashes and then get up and chase back to the peleton, and bang their heads against the wind for hours on end, in the hopes of getting just a minute of glory. Now let's compare this to... Continue reading
Posted Mar 11, 2010 at Velo Angels - Ride, Girls. Ride.
Yay! Thanks Mai!
Yesterday, the pro cycling season finally began. Yes, there were "races" in Australia, Oman, and Qatar, but let's be clear -- that is not the start of the season. Cycling begins when the pro peleton heads to Belgium, and yesterday they started with the Omloop Het Niewsbland. Early season racing means tough, short climbs, cobblestones, and horrible, nasty weather. Riders get cold and battered over hundreds of miles of the nastiest roads sadists can find in Europe -- which, by the way, are worse than usual, because of the cold, snowy winter they've had in Belgium so far this year.... Continue reading
Posted Feb 28, 2010 at Velo Angels - Ride, Girls. Ride.
Still so bummed I couldn't make it out! And you guys were beaming for the rest of the weekend about it ....... sometimes being a boy is poopie.
I've been holding off on blogging again, but since Mai is MIA in Miami (poor, poor girl), I figured I'd put something else up. Since we're getting ready for the racing season, we unfortunately have to talk about what most non-cyclists talk about -- doping. This really sucks, especially for me since my two favorite sports are cycling and baseball, and these are the two that have gotten hammered for doping, while football players get to juice up all they want. But I digress -- we should talk about doping in cycling since it is a reality, but at the... Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2010 at Velo Angels - Ride, Girls. Ride.
A bit ago I wrote about the greatest male cyclists, Lance and Eddy. I wanted to save my blog about the greatest cyclist ever till now, since she deserves her own space. That's right, it's a she -- crazy that bike racing is such a male dominated, but there can be no question that the greatest professional cyclist of all time is Jeanine Longo Let's just do the stats first. She's been to 7 Olympic games, starting in 1984. She's won the Olympic Road Race once, finished second once, won a silver and bronze in the time trial, and in... Continue reading
Posted Jan 19, 2010 at Velo Angels - Ride, Girls. Ride.
Ugh, I should have known you're were going after that asshat when you sprinted away. I would have definitely had your back on that one ....
Trust me, you'll know when I'm Lance-bashing.
Toggle Commented Jan 15, 2010 on Lance vs. Eddy at Velo Angels - Ride, Girls. Ride.
Uh, that wasn't my I hate Lance post. I'm saying he's one of the top two cyclists ever -- I just like Eddy more. And I was going to compare the current crop of riders to Eddy -- with your boy Andy being the best comparison out of a pretty lacking bunch.
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2010 on Lance vs. Eddy at Velo Angels - Ride, Girls. Ride.
When you're talking about the best male cyclist ever, there's really only two names in the discussion -- Lance Armstrong and Eddy Mercxx (sorry France and Italy, your guys just don't cut it). These are very different riders from very different times, but both were dominant. Eddy won everything -- the classics like Sanremo and Roubaix, the grand tours (both the Giro and the Tour), and the world championships. He even set the hour record (where you go around in circles for an hour, and see how far you can go). And he did it with style -- he was... Continue reading
Posted Jan 14, 2010 at Velo Angels - Ride, Girls. Ride.
I'm afraid I'm not that hardcore. If I had a crash and my ass-fat was showing, I think it's fair to say it would be a long time before I got on a bike again .....
He was probably riding again a few hours later. Cyclists are badasses. Hell, VDV broke his hip and his back at the Giro and finished top 10 at the Tour working non-stop for Wiggo a month later. It must have something to do with the shaved legs ......
Professional cycling is the most unusual sport where an individual goes up on the podium, but a team gets him there. Just think about how crazy that is -- only one person gets the glory of the victory, but it takes an entire 9 person team each with his own roll, to put the one star in the right position at the right time to take the win. That's the crazy part -- the most important person on the team that day could be the person who dropped out halfway through, because he spent all his time while in the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 8, 2010 at Velo Angels - Ride, Girls. Ride.
Wow, quite the introduction from Mai, so guess I have to actually say something now! As Mai said, I'm a boring lawyer who for some strange reason loves pro cycling. My own love goes back a long, long time -- I read an article about Greg LeMond when he was still with Renault, and then in 1985 I saw him battling with his teammate, the French asshat Bernard Hinault. Hinault had crashed and broken his nose the day before, and LeMond was minutes ahead and was ready to take the yellow jersey but he was ordered back. Needless to say,... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2010 at Velo Angels - Ride, Girls. Ride.
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