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Benoit Montuelle
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@Murray Macchio IMHO if people don't know how to program, they definitely can't rate themselves. But I was asked this kind of questions sometimes, and it feel strange to answer something like "uuuh, this tech I don't know, something between 2 and 3 perhaps", but that's honesty to yourself and recruiter. @Mikeash I agreed, that's not what we expect from a programmer. If he can answer this question by oral during the interview, he's damn smart and would probably make a really good programmer. In that sort of questions, out-of-school engineers are most likely to find an answer, but exeprienced programmer could stuck on it because they are not used to think on purely mathematical problems like this one. It seems that in Europe, and in France actually, we do not have such sort of recruitement issues. It happens, but I think less than 25% percent of applicants. That's why we filter them through their experience and references. As programming jobs is in general not so well paid and recognized here, and require strong skills, people tends to target other jobs (PM, consulting, or sales in computing field for instance).
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Feb 25, 2010