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Quite often do I get into a phase where I see myself going down the "dead heart" road, but once I recognize it I immediately try and do something spontaneous. I don't ever want my heart to die, but I think how we get there is by just being, instead of doing. Or even worse seeing children being constantly stifled by their parents from creating can cause irreparable damage to ones creative growth. I see it happen time, and time again and it's sad.
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2011 on How Do Our Hearts Die? at Keith Jennings
I would just add "sleep like it matters," well 'cause, you have to!
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2011 on Like it matters at Keith Jennings
Being completely honest here, I tend to not stick around blogs that do not have a community, but I also tend to shy away those who have a HUGE community, as those can be a bit intimidating. I definitely started off trying to build a community, which resulted in encountering community-driven blogs more, but finding the fine balance is extremely tough these days. I think once you've cultivated the "core" people in your community, busting out with a well-crafted piece makes it all the more special.
Heading over, a bit late but better late than never!
Once they get to a certain age, you can't force thoughts, ideas, or even theology upon them. ...which plays into your #3, which I believe all parents absolutely need to embrace.
Absolutely Keith, maybe I can twist Dustin's arm to join us :-)
Wow, never really thought about it like this. I think I teeter between the two to be honest, but I strive to make that impact, to bear that fruit. How can I tell the difference? 2 words: Skinny Jeans.
Keith, LOL. This was awesome, thanks for the morning laugh. I'm thinking maybe one can't "be" without the other: Joy's more Joyful when coming from or going through pain. Or maybe Joy can exist without the latter, and you can definitely choose (at times) to be joyful? Or maybe some people can just naturally "be" joyful, or is that because they've already experienced a lifetime of pain? Oh man...
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Mar 17, 2011