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I know this isn't much of a geek game but I have distinct memories of my grandmother being a rules nazi, which is worse than a lawyer, in case you're not familiar with nazis. The game in question: Monopoly. Yes, monopoly. This was back when there was only the classic Parker Brothers version and not all the Simpsons, Star Wars, and Miley Cyrus variants. The story is simple: we (my two siblings and I) were kids and wanted to bend the rules and she would vehemently defend them. The funny part comes in years later when I find out that if no one buys a property, in goes on auction to the highest bidder! That would have changed the whole game! It's just funny that she was so crazy about playing by the rules and not adding things (like the free parking variant where that space gets all the money from fines), but she forgot to defend what may be the most important rule in the game.
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Jun 27, 2010