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In all seriousness, I'm not sure how you can argue with this draft, at least on paper. Yes, I was livid when they didn't take DeCastro at 17th and then essentially passed on him again to trade down with the Pats, but the more I read about Zeitler (and Thompson), the less I worry about what could've been, especially when the biggest knock on Thompsons that I've seen is that he gets negated by double teams. If he's in the rotation with Geno Atkins, double teams are one thing he won't have to worry about. I've scoured the usual suspects, and while draft analysis at this point is meaningless, nearly every outlet has tabbed the Bengals as having one of the best drafts (if not the best) of any team in the league this year. I can't remember if it was blesterov or guttersnake who said that if you looked back at the Bengals' drafts since they hired Marvin, it was readily apparent where his influence ebbed and peaked, and with each successive year, that certainly seems to be a very probable analysis. I think the best thing is that they didn't really reach for anyone (you could make the argument that Zeitler went probably ten spots earlier than anyone had him pegged, but they traded down for him and knew that he wouldn't be there when they picked again) and they got good value for all of their picks based on pre-draft grading. I don't remember whose analysis I was reading, but he said that the Bengals got potential starters with every pick with the exception of Herron. Plus, DEVON STILL! He's got to be the first Penn State player the Bengals have drafted since Ki-Jana Carter (update - just checked...forgot they drafted Ethan Kilmer in the seventh round in 2006). Also, I like the fact that there are no small school guys who had great combine performances, yet they still got guys from some non-powerhouse schools (Sanu, Prater, Jones, Iloka) who graded out very well and seem to have big potential. As usual, though, it remains to be seen on how the Bengals utilize these players. If you follow WDR on Twitter, they discussed an interview with Paul Alexander about how Zeitler might be playing back-up (and possibly even backing up a tackle?), while every analyst thinks that he should be the starting right guard. As Evan Mathis showed us, Paul Alexander is a shitty, shitty judge of talent and he should probably be the next coach we try to get replaced now that Brat is gone.
Whoa, Bizarro world - #DNOPBS posted...and it wasn't completely negative? UP IS DOWN AND BLACK IS WHITE! NOTHING MAKES SENSE ANYMORE! SAVE US, TIGERJ@W, SAVE US PLEASE!
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May 1, 2012