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Andrew Bergen12
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It is no question for any up and coming band, getting your music placed on a TV commercial is one of the best ways to gain national and even global exposure, and no doubt the money tends to be pretty lucrative- from licensing to song downloads. I think there is a fine line between 'selling out' and being smart, and it comes down to whether or not the commercial best reflects the bands image. Consider Jet and Apple or Phoenix and Cadillac or U2 and FIFA ... these are smart brand choices that go hand in hand with the image of the band- whether it is being fresh and edgy, or globally conscious. Also these commercials are directed towards the bands target audience, and you must consider the ad agencies picked these bands for the same reasons... But think about Jet on a PIllsbury spot or Phoenix and John Deere or U2 and Smith & Wesson. Nothing against these brands, but these would not be good fits considering the bands image and their target audience. If your band is lucky enough to have a song chosen for a commercial, you should make sure you don't just do it for the money- put thought and consideration into whether the brand is concise with your image and who your target audience is. There is anything wrong with making your music 'commercial' if it is done correctly, especially in this continuously evolving music industry where multiple income streams are the only way to make a decent living.
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Dec 7, 2010