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RR Ryan
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It's a shame because I was one the show's biggest cheerleaders from the first season. It's been going downhill toward the left for years. Angie Harmon and Alana de la Garza revitalized it, but by the time Alana got there it was too late. I can't even tell you when it airs now. If there's nothing else scheduled on Saturday night and I'm home I may catch a rerun. Generally not, though. And Mr. Wolf better not screw up LOLA. NCISLA and The Closer do a pretty good job of showing LA as it is. The bar has been set.
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I was doing spring cleaning this past month and finally got to the kitchen. We had so many pots and pans that it was impossible to find anything. I kept the Rachel Ray set I bought last year, along with the copper Revere set my boyfriend's mother gave him when he got his first apartment and a hideous set of cheap stainless. I think it was his ex-boyfriend's, so it stayed. Other than that, the cast iron was the only thing I saved. It makes the best fried anything. Cornbread is a breeze and I can't wait to make pineapple upside down cake. The best part: just rinse under hot water and wipe it out. It's the original teflon!
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Mar 11, 2010