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There seems to be a constant struggle in the enterprise where LOB drives innovation and adoption because of the agility of newer technologies and IT scrambles to keep up with implementation, compliance, and standardization. The result: data sprawl. Data management is sadly an after thought. Great post, Julie.
You nailed it, Julie. *LOVE* this post. -Alan
Julie, You can just remove the term "software" and it all still applies. Many businesses have crashed on the rocks lured by the siren song of the sheer size of the SMB market. Selling in that space is different, as you describe so well. Alan Berkson Intelligist Group
Julie, I could not agree more. There are so many people I follow for the vicarious event experience. Without question it creates value for non-attendees AND attendees. Alan Berkson Intelligist Group
Great piece, Julie. It's an interesting dichotomy: in what I believe is an age of specialization we have an even greater need for cross-disciplinary expertise to put the pieces together.
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Aug 30, 2010