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HUH!?!?! What!?! How can this type of actions not only happen twice in the same case, but then not be revealed in the NCAA's self investigation of itself? How can the NCAA then hand over a letter of infractions to Miami apparently knowing these were allegations that were still tainted by the same resources?! Mr. Emertt, is a complete idiot! How can the NCAA not reign in a 2nd investigator? Stephanie Hannah is either very ignorant or was told by the NCAA to make the case "stick"? NCAA has so horribly "thrown up" all over itself, they have no way out but to just say"time served"! If they don't the NCAA will only face far more scrutiny as Miami and Donna Shalala go on the attack as they should. We all now can see the NCAA for what they are. A self serving group that rules the collegiate sports money machine, that is making BILLIONS on the backs of teenage athletes. Yes these athletes get an "education" wink, wink for the TV $$$ generating sports and schools. NCAA has an obvious vendetta for the"U", well I guess this is now obvious to everyone. "F" the NCAA. As a former college athlete, I am glad to see this happen to the "Ivory White Tower"!!
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Mar 27, 2013