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Bernardo Valdes
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I recently sent a fax to the Miami Herald about my Civil Rights and how they have been violated. In 2002 I was convicted of a no violent felony. I did not know that my rights were taken away, I was not told. I continued to vote, worked as a pollworker, worked as supervisor of elections, served on jury. In 2010 I received a letter saying that I needed to apply for restoration of rights. I immediately sent the application. I have not have any more convictions. What makes me so upset is that my rights should have been restored when Gov Christ signed automatic restoration of civil rights in 2007, I thought that they would restore my rights retroactive to 2007 law. I was wrong. It is now 2012, ten years and my rights have not been restored. I call every 3 months write letters, it is alway the same answer, we waiting to review and we can take as long as we want. It makes me so mad that goverment employees treat me that way. I like other people are in the same pridicament. Democracy is being disturbed by not allowing mine and other ex felons the right to vote. Govenor Rick Scott is the biggest crook, everyone knows that. He is the one making decisions about my future and rights. This is a really big problem and nothing is being done. I wrote to Katherine Rundel and Ileana Ross Lethin. i even wrote to Barac Obama. No one has answered. Miami Herald should do a front page story about this situation, so that the public can be aware of this situation.
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Sep 16, 2012