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Wbj Nightmare
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I had the same problem on 90's here in Brazil... A manager from a huge phone company here called my mom asking her to pay a bill of 250 thousand dollars (not updated to our reality)... Why? They had a bug on their system that permitted me to take advantage of calling there redirecting the costs of the call to them (providers). I don't know exactly if you have this at your country. You call another person but the costs of the call, if accepted after a message advising, is redirected to the person called. Of course I didn't pay, even because their system accepted the message... LOL But it was programmed to not accept. =] Good times... Of phreaking, defacing, and studying.. Theese times gave me so much knowledge nowadays.. These times has gone... Now we are full of script kiddie's that think they are "haaaackorrrrs"... But we still have good hackers making really good stuff cracking Sony, Apple and others... Cheers
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Aug 10, 2012