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I decided to throw in my 2cents about the issue (it is rant, copy-paste from original blog post: In (awkward) defence of the non-programming programmers Recently in response to a new site, codify, there was an uprise in the blog-sphere about the concept of non-programming programmers. Reference article the one in coding horror. Although no-one reads my blog yet , I would like to throw my 2cents. I will defend the non-programming programmer. There are many and they are needed and many companies want them. That's why, that's the unfortunate truth. I happened to be (for short term periods, I could never stay for long there), in companies where: Accounting is being done by accountants, Graphic Design is being done by graphic designers, HR by the HR team, etc... and "Programmers" do everything else. Usually they are tech savvy people with some knowledge of coding, that spend their days doing: configuration, customer support, server or general administration and eventually... some programming. They are good for their company (they can do anything), don't complain a lot, do all tasks quite well. Remember we are not in a software company so the tasks are usually trivial, that's why. They also don't spit out spells like TDD, Merging, Continuous Integration that are some fixations of some remore ultra-geeks... Even the clients are usually happy that they can "talk to the developer" straight. Who is not happy? The real developers and software engineers, people who can think algorithmically, want to do their... job, and get working in such environments.
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2010 on The Non-Programming Programmer at Coding Horror
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Oct 13, 2010