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I remember reading your blog a time or two almost a decade ago, but I only became a regular reader in the last couple of years. I think this 4th of July story is actually one of the first things I read when I came back. It's still a great story. Happy 4th!
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The best doctor I've ever had was professional, engaged, friendly but not familiar, and LISTENED to me. She never ever was dismissive and when I asked stupid questions she never laughed or brushed away my concerns. She was always willing to spend five extra minutes talking to me and in fact never left an exam without asking, "Did you have any other questions? Anything else you wanted to talk about?" Because she was so great, I was far more willing to actually GO to the doctor and take care of those pesky annual exams and get those strep tests done, etc. When I have a doctor I don't like (and I don't always control who my physician is, since my husband's in the military) I have a much harder time making myself go to the doctor on a regular basis.
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My first thought for paint color was red. Not fire-engine red, more like a crimson or brick red.
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Uh...did my comment disappear?
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2009 on June the third at Mandajuice
Amanda, this actually made tears well up in my eyes. I'm hardwired a capitalist too, but apparently a soft-hearted one. It also makes me even more excited to read your book. You have such a gift with words.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2009 on June the third at Mandajuice
I'm a maunderer as well, and I only have one child. I tend to make lists of things I want to do, then when I have free time I look at the lists and think, "Eh, I'd rather watch this show/crochet this blanket/read this book."
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Awesome! I may have to adopt this tradition too. :-)
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You did a good thing, talking to her. And by doing so, you DID allow some of her pain to flow to you through the phone lines. I know it.
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Was the romance novel you read Bet Me by Jenny Crusie? I'm wondering because I remember thinking the lavender thing was weird too, and then right after I read that book I read an article about some study on what scents turned men on, and the researchers were surprised to find that the two highest rated smells by men were lavender and pumpkin pie. So I figured Crusie had read the same study.
I get what you're saying about the shaky camera and the music, but I was so caught up in the story, in the relationships between the characters, and in thinking about people in my own life I've known with addiction problems that they didn't bother me a bit. I thought this was a fantastic movie and that anyone who loves an addict could get something out of it.
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