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If it were the Clintons, and not the Mumumbas, it would be Bill heading to the Red Light district.
And Lemarr's invention became the basis for digital spread spectrum technology which is used in wireless applications. Lemarr, a Viennese Jew, fled the Nazis and despised them, and wanted to dedicate her talents to their defeat. Her invention, on which she collaborated with avant-garde composer George Antheil, is used in the following applications: GPS, CDMA, Blue Tooth, Wireless Internet, Cordless phones and Milstar Defense Satellite. It's not really such a little-known fact, anymore She's received considerable recognition in recent years as her invention has started to receive widespread application. When first conceived and patented as a way to control naval torpedos, it did not receive recognition from the U.S. Navy.
At this very moment, I'm listening to the replay of Michael Medved's radio program for this past week. Green is on, and he's taking a beatdown from Medved. The guy's a typical looney, America- and Israel-hating leftist. He resents the flyover of the fighter planes and the fact that many in the stadium were chanting. It's impossible to reason with this guy--he's a typical far leftist from the academic milieu. Fortunately, he doesn't teach, he's just a "professional university researcher" or some such position, in the sociology of education. I couldn't find any academic articles through google, just polemical political articles.
This guy is just another loopy San Franciso-Boston elitist liberal. Like so many from that bi-coastal axis, he is out of touch with American and with ordinary people.
"What we hear are the sounds of life in the greatest city on earth. No place in the world, no place in human history, is as richly varied and vibrant and dynamic as New York City. You hear the cars, you hear the people, you hear them rushing to their various destinations, you hear the sounds of business and of pleasure, you hear the cheers, you hear the cries, the buzzing sounds of human activity. And that is how it should be. Always." If I didn't know better, I would have thought this came straight from an Ayn Rand book.
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May 10, 2010
Do they count dogs?
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Michelle's inactive status is a non-issue. I'm not a member of the Illinois bar, but I researched the law at the time this issue came up on this blog. Many lawyers who know they will not practice in a particular state voluntarily assume inactive status. They do this so they won't have to pay full bar dues. This is just practical if one is not going to practice. In Illinois, apparently the court issues an order putting the attorney on inactive status once he or she elects it. It does not mean she has been engaged in wrongdoing or has anything to hide. It is most likely, innocuous and common practice with attorneys in Illinois, or many other states, who know they will not be practicing law. I have voluntarily assumed inactive status in Pennsylvania, since I don't live there and have no current intention of practicing in that state. Why Obama is listed as retired, I don't know. Here again, it might be because he knows he will no longer practice law. I don't think Bill Clinton "retired" from the Arkansas bar when he became president. Obama could have simply elected inactive status as well, just like Michelle, so I find it a bit strange. There might be an explanation, though.
Oh, no...not again. That nose, those nostrils....and those ears. I'm going to throw up.
The Shirelles' were non-pareil. Another example of beautiful Black-Jewish collaboration and partnership. Florence Greenberg, a New Jersey housewife, was introduced to the four girls who were her daughter's high school classmates in Passaic, New Jersey. She became their manager, promoted them, wrote songs for them and got them record deals. Some of their best hits were written by Goffin and King and Bacharach and David. Here's a recent article on a play about Florence and the Shirelles: Their songs are absolute classics.
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Are those supposed to be women showing their legs in that picture? Those look like men. If those are Muslim women, they should stay covered. Not something I want to see more of.
Old Orde is rockin' and rollin' in his grave!
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Reminds me of trash pick-up day in NYC. One of my not so favorable memories of America's greatest city. At least there were no giant rats jumping in and out of the piles....or were there? The buffoons in the WH can't pick up and move the trash before a dignitary walks through? Was Gibbs busy putting the moves on Helen Thomas? He should have been available. There must be some one available to move the bags before the Dalai Lama walked through. This whole thing almost sounds deliberate.
Great job, Pamela! That was a great one about the teleprompters when he puts the move on Michelle. I would love to see the First Family bathroom--are they on each side of the toilet? Who gave this woman Behar a show? I've never seen you look better, either. You looked really hot!
WTF? What is it with this guy? Do you think maybe he and Michelle have a teleprompter on each side of their bed?
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Whoa...From looking at her picture, this talk must have been about her fantasies. I doubt that anyone would want to go near her. Only in her dreams.
From what I've been hearing, the young girls these days need no instructional talks--nor motivational talks, for that matter--when it comes to the issue of oral sex.
Not to worry. About twenty years ago, I was in a hospital in Brooklyn. They assigned a young physician to me, a woman from Lebanon with a scarf. They had to determine if I was bleeding internally so she comes in one day, turns me over, and sticks her gloved finger in. I was surprised. I thought a Muslim woman would not do that. She had no problem. I had no problems with her as a doc, either. She was very conscientious and cared for me very well.
Fire trucks and the bomb squad? All because of a set of tefillin? Wow! Has the IDF considered the military potential of equipping the elite forces, perhaps the Sayet Maretkal with tefillin? Throw them from the helicpters at Hamas? Build giant tefillin, drop them from F-16's on the hardened Iranian nuke sites? So many possibilities.
I think NBC/MSNBC is the one network which has not broadcast a single story on the brilliant work being done by the Israeli field hospital in Haiti. Redeye carried a segment showing Rachel Maddow reporting that AP was projecting Brown. She appeared to be in shock. These people don't realize that not every agrees with them, or that they don't necessarily nave superior wisdom to everyone else. MSNBC, DailyKos and the entire progressive fringe are beginning to remind me of the student radicals of my college days, many years ago. They all felt that the revolution in this country was inevitable and imminent. The only problem was, their reality was distorted, since they only talked to each other. Today's "progressives" just can't believe that Obama and the Democratic looney leadership is only an aberration, a short term blip.
Pamela, You just kill me! The other day, it was his impression of Irwin it's picking his nose! I love it! You're the greatest!
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Pamela, Biz hundert un tsvantsik! You're both a madele and a mensch. (Women can be mensches). You're truly a treasure!
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Too funny! I can't wait until the medical details come out. When he (she) gets out of the hospital she'll be wearing hijab. It'll be 72 virgin lesbians.
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