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Betsy Veldman
I'm a wife, a scrapbooker and SAHM to three super kids.
Interests: stamping, reading, scrapbooking, sewing, being a mom, quilting, papercrafting
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Thanks, Mary - I will pass this info along as well. We did a little survey of the team, though, and no one else seems to be getting this message. Can I suggest clearing your cookies and browser history?
Hey Becky! Yes, there will be a way to subscribe to the blog, they are working on it. In fact, if you were subscribed to the old blog it looks like your subscription will be automatically transferred over to the new one, its just taking them a bit of time to get it all set up. I think it will be happening very soon, though (within a day or two)!
Hi Mary - Ive forwarded your message to the people handling the blog. I do not get that message, so Im not sure whats going on, but Ive alerted the proper people and if theres something that needs to be done, it should get taken care of. Thank you!
Yes, they should work - as long as theyre the kind that come apart into two halves. They come in various sizes -- these use the 3 ornaments.
Yes - I used a gray Copic for the lightbulb details. :-) Thanks for your kind comments, Steph.
Yes! Its shown assembled on the graphic on the website, but each different color is a different stamp.
The tree on the Jingle card has three stamps - the triangle portion, the trunk, and the little dot details. Is that what you were wondering about?
Yes! The whole set has a brushstroke effect to the images. ;-)
Sure, Jessica! The overall size of all of the rectangles is 3-1/2 wide and 4-3/4 high. The opening/frame sizes are 1, 3/4, and 1/2. I hope that helps!
Oh, no! I would recommend emailing customer service to see if they can help you out with that.
Hi Sue - the tulip cart canopy was stenciled with True Black ink onto white cardstock. The box portion of the cart and the wheels were cut from white cardstock. The front cart-shaped panels were cut from Berry Sorbet cardstock. The tulips were cut from one of the patterned papers. I hope that helps! :-)
I use it in my MISTI too! This is actually a leftover piece from one I cut down for my MISTI.
Hi Debbie - do you have the metal shim that Papertrey sells? I find its a must for detailed dies like this. Also, you could try running it through your machine once, turning it 90 degrees and running it through again. If youre still having trouble you might try putting some masking or washi tape on the back side of the die in the areas that arent giving you a clean cut.