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Betsy Veldman
I'm a wife, a scrapbooker and SAHM to three super kids.
Interests: stamping, reading, scrapbooking, sewing, being a mom, quilting, papercrafting
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I use it in my MISTI too! This is actually a leftover piece from one I cut down for my MISTI.
Hi Debbie - do you have the metal shim that Papertrey sells? I find its a must for detailed dies like this. Also, you could try running it through your machine once, turning it 90 degrees and running it through again. If youre still having trouble you might try putting some masking or washi tape on the back side of the die in the areas that arent giving you a clean cut.
Hmmmmm... Im drawing a complete blank on this, Judy! Did I share it with a project or something else? I havent deleted anything.
Haha! I know, Dawn informed me yesterday! Im confused, obviously, but will be back on track now, hopefully! :-)
No, sorry - the stencils were exclusive to the kit!
Hi Sherry! The soup recipe can be found here:
Hi Sandy - thank you for your kind words! I updated my post with a link to the recipe, which can be found here:
Hi Julie - thanks for your excitement about this! Im afraid the download is something that was an exclusive perk for purchasing the kit and will not be made available to those purchasing the individual stamps and dies.
Hi there! I used a metallic brush pen, the brand name is X-Pro...sorry I dont have more info on it, I honestly cant remember where I got it and couldnt find it online with a quick Google search. Thinking I might have picked it up at Hobby Lobby.
Hi Susan - make sure you are inserting the clear lids the right way. They have a bit of a lip on them that is meant to rest on the top of the tube. If you try to push them into the tube lip side first you will have trouble - I know this because I did it the first time I tried to assemble one! I hope this helps!
Are you referring to the tubes? They are here:
Oh good, I was hoping you would see this! I added your link to my post, Birgit - thank you! :-)
If you got an email confirmation with an order number you should be good to go, but if youre in doubt dont hesitate to contact customer service and they can help you out! Thanks for being so patient! Sent from my iPhone
Hi Louanne! I always diecut first and then stamp. I find it helpful to place my diecut on a contrasting background. Make sure the little window cut-outs have all been poked out and then use those window openings as a reference point for lining up the stamp. I hope that helps!
Thank you, Susan! As for the pdf, there should be a link - either in your order confirmation email, or if you log onto your Papertrey account you should see a "download" section. If you don't find your download in one of those places, then yes, please contact customer service and they'll make sure you're taken care of!
Hi Sandy - The doors on the gate are open dies, which helps tremendously with the "scratching" you often get on the backside of diecuts. Also, I love using Papertrey's Linen Cardstock, the texture also helps to hide any scratching and the backside of the dies looks nearly as nice as the front. I hope that helps!
Haha! Yes, thanks, Merry! I knew that wasn't right as I was writing up my post, but I was drawing a blank. :-)
Cindy - WOW! This turned out so beautiful! I love the colors you used, it's perfect.
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Hi Lootsee - I would recommend taking a look at the pdf download that you should have received when you purchased the kit. The last few pages are stamping guides for the bouquets. It might help to actually print them out to act as a guide to help you position things. I always diecut first and stamp second. Another idea would be to diecut the pre-printed bouquets that were included in the patterned papers in the kits. If you’re using a MISTI, just place the pre-printed diecut in your MISTI as you would a regular diecut and then position your stamp over the top, lining it up with the preprinted flowers. Close the cover of the MISTI to pick up the stamp and then replace the pre-printed diecut with your blank diecut that you want to stamp on. Repeat for each step of the bouquet. When I was working on my projects I stamped several bouquets at one time - just do each step for all of the bouquets while you have that particular stamp set up in your MISTI, then move on to the next step and repeat it for as many bouquets as you want to stamp. It makes it go pretty quickly! I hope that helps!