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The translation is available when you click on "more here" where the UPDATE is, listed at the bottom of this article.
I know exactly where this took place - The Van Horne Shopping Center in Montreal. Around the corner, literally, is a very orthodox Jewish community. Buy the accent of the screaming woman, I can tell you she is arab, most likely of Moroccan origin, perhaps Tunisian. Quebec separatist welcomed many arab immigrants who qualified simply by the fact that they spoke french. It backfired and now they are trying to ban the veil. In effort not to "seem racist" they want to ban "all" religious symbols in public work places. Of course most Quebec separatists are racist so this is not unexpected.
I don't hear anything! I think this video has been hacked! I have tried it on various youtube channels and the audio is completely gone everywhere! Anybody experiencing the same?
At the risk of repeating myself . . . S A V A G E S !!!!! No better word to describe these degenerates!
S A V A G E S!!!!! ALL OF THEM!!
Very well outlined. To all who question the legalities and moralities, the bottom line is you have to fight fire with fire! You keep pussy-footing around and the fire will swallow you whole!
Nate, Brendan was not Jewish. The other two were.
Hey Tommy, You're stupid, you're a liar - just like Mo-Shmo! And I'll bet you're as ugly as he was, which is why they don't like to show his face!
That, up there, is NO RABBI.
So there! Haha! There's no getting around it. And the IRA has been inactive for quite some time now. The bottom line is that islam wants to destroy America, take over everything and everybody. If they have to use non-muslim useful idiots (like you) to do it, they will. That's a form of what again, um, TAQIYA!
The truth is Jerry, whoever did this learned everything from the jihadis. The effects of the muslim terrorist mind is all over the culprit's agenda, muslim or not. Terrorism is a muslim doctrine. Yup, call me an islamophobe! I wear the title proudly!
MEIR, Go suck on a lollipop and shut up! It's the useless idiots like you who get nowhere in life and try to drag us down with him. There's a war on freedom and he's worried about her sleeves. What a fool. Pamela, great speech, and THANK YOU, for doing the hard and dirty work that "COWARDS LIKE MEIR" like to criticize!
I totally agree! I notice immediately how adorable she looked - just like Audrey!
RELIGIOUS PERSON FOR LIFE, I don't know how you're coming off with such nonsense but here's what I do know about Pamela: SHE LOVES MANKIND, SHE LOVES HER FAITH AND SHE LOVES GOD! That is why she is fighting for us all, religious or not, black or white, Christian OR Muslim, or Jew! The fact that CHABAD invited her tells you that they have the same values! As for this "gay" obsession that you have, like ANY faction in ANY community they deserve all the rights, all the love and kindness that you or I do. Just because YOU don't like someone, doesn't mean that we all have to go along with your MISHIGAS! Pamela, I said before and I'll say it again, YOU WON THE BATTLE!
MA02169, Wow! I never Knew he said that! How right you are. It certainly reminds us of Pamela Geller. God Bless Pamela! God Bless America the FREE!
They are definitely losing this battle! Pamela, "stick to your guns" and shine Freedom in front of their loser faces!
Toggle Commented Apr 9, 2013 on 'Journalism' in the 21st Century at Atlas Shrugs
Here`s where `the term `Bridezilla`might be applicable!
"The Palestinian Center For Human Rights"? Are you kidding? Palestinian and Human Rights cannot possibly be in the same sentence together.
Ya, well in their zeal and hatred for Israel, these people voted for Hamas. They got what they wanted.
I doubt seriously that this man's apology is sincere. He's only saying so to save his job! Taquiya! Pamela, every victory you accumulate is a slow but steady erosion of their will! Continue my dear! You are the heroine of our times!
You should start a new musical group - The Republican Rappers.
Thomas, you took the words right out of my mouth! muslims are pushing America into a Civil War! And your "muslim in chief" sitting at the White House is facilitating the process!
I'm assuming "K M" that you meant "Jew" and not "jaw"? For your information, yes Moe may have lived with the Jews, but when he decided to make himself a prophet and they wouldn't believe him Moe went on to kill them - nice guy, huh? Fact is, your little wanna-be, prophet-moe picked and chose what he wanted from each religion to "make up" his own. He also adjusted islam to suit his needs, like pedophilia, chopping off hands and heads, you know, your regular run-of-the-mill islamic do's & don't's. So don't go try whitewashing this Moe to us. We got him all figured out.