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I think hiring Patrick Nix was a good idea. I remember Patrick Nix's career well at Auburn and if I remember him as a player, where he ran Terry Bowden's offense with success, he will be success ful with the U. I think his ideas and a new offensive philosophy will be welcomed at Miami. We have to keep in mind that often times young coaches coach to prove a point. I like that! My biggest concern for us is that we put forward an offensive line that will compete. The last two years has been nothing but torture to watch our offensive line. The U misses Art Kehoe.
Congratulations to coach Shannon. You can already see that he brings immediate class to the position as he thanked a variety of coaches and said that the team was still coach Coker's team. The legacy of class continues! MOre importantly, based on the news whispers, recruits are beginning to change their minds about the U. My hope is that we land a solid class this year. Currently we are ranked 39th by scout. We need to land 4 Five Star players. Lastly, we need to determine what we will do with the offense. Either keep Olson and Berry or bring back Soldinger, Kehoe and Stevens. If not Stevens then bring in Bernie Kosar or Ernie Zampese.
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I have give it a lot of thought these last few days and whether it's Randy or Bernie, I'll be satisfied. VACanesfan has a point though. He said "If you want to right the ship, you have to pick someone who has sailed it before." He is right and from the look of things Bernie is very successful in everything he does. Giving the controls to him so that he can sail the ship is not a bad idea. This guy LOVES the university! The possibilities are endless. Heck! we may even see Jimmy Johnson helping Bernie out with administrative issues and coaching issues. The goal here is to get the U to the top, where it belongs, looking down at all the rest of the pretenders. I think that is what Bernie wants and I'm certain that he will surround himself with people who want the same thing. This may be the best thing that ever happened to the U. I really do hope that they can work something out with Randy (Either as coach or as a coordinator). I can see Soldinger and Kehoe coming back. I really can.
Randy Shannon deserves a shot! The man can recruit the 'state' of Miami and it's clear by the talent that has been recruited on defense that he knows what he is doing. Let's also keep in mind that if we score 35 points spread throughout 5 or 6 games we are talking about being a team that has a record of 10-2, possibly 11-1. I realize that we stunk up the joint and that our record was shameful. But we need to keep perspective here, do we want to bring in a new regime and run the risk of replacing coordinators, losing recruits, keeping the fans at home, etc. All of this is not good for our program. We need consistency at least for 3 years with our current coordinators. Make Randy the coach. I live in NY and listen & watch everything that Rutgers is doing and let me tell you, Schiano wants a powerhouse here in Rutgers. From everything he has said he sounds as if he wants to be another Bobby Bowden or Joe Pa - at Rutgers. I respect that! I also happen to like his coaching style. It's a shame that we wanted to stay in Jersey. That's ok, there are other coaches out there who are as good and possibly better. The "U" needs a recruiter, an aggressive coach who will brings us back the title, that man is Randy Shannon.
As a die hard Canes fan I am a bit surprised that we would consider hiring a guy who does not have head coaching experience. Clearly Kosar has a brilliant offensive mind however, we are talking about coaching experience. I think we need to give Randy Shannon the opportunity here and keep a level of consistency with our coordinators. The last thing that we need at Miami is a rotating set of coordinators. Flux regarding our offensive philosophy is a recipe disaster. Therefore continuity on offense is of primary importance. The Canes teams of 1999-2004 had continuity on offense. We need the same now. Let's not blow this! Remember we are bringing back a solid football team next year. Olson is not a fool, we have seen his work before and it was impressive.