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Biancaluce Robbiani
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Facebook is a mass product. Not for experts. Is web. Like reading a newspaper. That's something completely different from SL. SL per se is not so difficult to use but a bit of patience is needed to. That's why we can't compare web numbers to SL numbers. In a 3D space you can make totally different things and share syncronous and asyncronous things with others while sharing your shaped environment made of chat, scripts, textures, objects etc. That's is completely different from sharing simple written things or simple links to videos... Let's teach people what SL is or can be shaped. Let's stop whining for what is offered, comparing it to other VW. And moreover let's teach number readers what SL numbers are. (btw 50 avatars in a virtual conference are more than a video conference 10 one, and 50 avatar conference linked to a 1000 ppl rl conference one are thousands time worth than let's say, 10000 playing games on FB)
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Jan 10, 2010