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Bottom line, Dolphins will need a miracle this year to cut thru the bad decisions of owner, Ireland and Sparano. Miracles do happen and so, Henne needs to focus, ignore the chatter of some practice fans and media. Remember, we live in a culture of knee jerk reactions and instant success goals instead of a steady hand. The media will prop you up and then tear you down and it impacts the public to do the same. It's all about what can be done in a second not what can be done with a plan.
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Armando states, Yet, I have faith the Dolphins will do their best to find that player to do exactly that. You have faith in the dolphins, really...mmmmm, after Parcells hands the keys to Sparano last couple years, they win 7 games and then pick up Matt Moore for2.5 million per year for two years, ae you kidding and you have faith. We need more than faith, we need a miracle.
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Jul 31, 2011