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Cue the late breaking, investigative promo from channel 5 right about now........
My BS detector just went off! How many ways can you spell bul***it?
I regularly drive at the edge of those neighborhoods on my way home from work (depending on the route I take). Needless to say, I leave a car length between me and the car in front of me at the stoplights, and if anyone walks up to my car, off I go. I would not be caught on foot in either neighborhood without an arsenal. I would love to see where those areas rank in terms of how much public assistance (welfare, section 8, etc.) that those 2 areas get), bet its pretty high.
Yeah, that is a great neighborhood, don't think I would even get out of the car without a gun strapped to my waist. Wait,make that 2 guns for that part of town!
He sounds like he is at least as innocent as OJ! I suppose he had to use the ineffective counsel argument, he couldn't very well use that "I was just really dumb but am sorry now" argument again.
You could start by checking the fast food places, especially with that physique!
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2009 on Do you know this man? at Crime Scene KC
Fraud involved with HUD? No way, say it ain't so! That is almost as likely as Nancy Pelosi not telling the truth!
Yes your honor, I deserve an extra 10 years on my sentence just for being so f***ing dumb!