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Founder/editor of, strategic brand consultant and advertising copywriter.
Interests: Country, alt-country, bluegrass, folk and some pop and rock music. Anything song-oriented. I collect Southern Outsider Folk Art. I also like movies, science (especially physics), architecture and mid-century modern furniture. And finally, I have a head full of absolutely useless trivia.
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Great topic. I've had 5 discussions about this in the last month. It's ridiculous that you can't easily find credits, much less lyrics. AllMusic Guide tries, but it's incomplete and unintuitive. Music needs it's own version of IMDb. From a major label perspective, part of it's is oversight/laziness. But part of it is getting clearance from publishers. Publishers want to get paid to use those lyrics in print or online or even to include them with the MP3 you buy. They need to stop nickel and diming people and understand that the lyrics help people connect emotionally and make them more likely to buy the song or the album. That is promotional use. Of course, if a third party wants to publish them, they should have to pay. Same if it's for something big like a poster or book. For my part, I'm sending an email to the team now that I was full credits and liner notes on the website for Charlie Worsham. Thanks, Craig!
Thanks for sharing these stories. They always make me smile.
Love that story. Thanks for posting. = )