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The problem here is context. You can't just use copyrighted material in articles like this -- no matter how short -- unless you are commenting on the copyrighted material itself. (Or parodying, but that wouldn't apply here.) If your blog entry was a review of Better Off Dead, you could invoke Fair Use and use excerpts from the film -- provided your original contribution to the article was substantially greater than the amount contributed by the work you excerpted. (For example, your review was 90% original material by you, and only 10% clips from the movie.) But if you're just using the clip to make a point about something else, that usage is subject to copyright law, and it's not allowed without an agreement between you and the copyright holder. Along those same lines, every time you see a cartoon inserted into a Powerpoint presentation, that kind of thing is subject to copyright. Artists often don't receive compensation for it, but they're still entitled to copyright for the use of their work. Fair Use is not just something you can claim because you only infringed on copyright a little bit. I know people feel very passionately about this subject, but this is the way the law works, no matter how many people misunderstand or disregard it.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2010 on YouTube vs. Fair Use at Coding Horror