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It is interesting how graphic some of those depictions are, isn't it? Even when they are being denigrated as evil, boobs are boobs.
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I totally got gypped out of my dark, seductive, DM. I'm going to write to my old gaming store demanding a refund.
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I grew up with Chick tracts a-plenty. Reading them again now makes me laugh and cringe all at once. Talk about facepalm. The worst part about this one is that no one seems to question why a mother would allow her daughter to stay locked in her room for two weeks, therefore not noticing that she'd killed herself. Any chance it wasn't the RPG that made Marcie feel all alone?
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Wil, This is the first time I have read this story, which means I've probably been following your blog for just under a year. I got started following your writing thanks to your election as the Secretary of Geek Affairs. I went from being curious about what you were doing now (in a VH1 "whatever happened to" kind of way) to being a fan of your writing and performances on Leverage, BBT, and Memories of the Futurecast. Along the way, I've gained a lot of respect for the way you treat your wife and sons, your fans, and your career. This story crystallizes why that is perfectly. It is very hard to be honest about how juvenile or intolerable we were when we were younger. Most people I know either really enjoyed their teen years and seek to recapture their glory or they hated this period of their life and blame other people for making them miserable. The way you write about your adolescence is really quite remarkable to me because you relate your immaturity at face value and in doing so make it easier for your readers to do the same. Part of why I think your writing resonates (and why so many of your readers relate to your stories) is that your vulnerability allows the reader to lower some internal defenses and face themselves as they were more nakedly than usual. It's not often I can learn more about myself from reading an autobiography. You're an inspiring guy, Wil, and I think you would be even if you'd never been Wesley or Gordie. Thanks for sharing.
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Personally, I would prefer this as a mouse pad, but I can see it being a popular t-shirt as well. Perhaps as part of a range of TNG mash-up designs (a la the Firefrog series)? I could totally see Riker spouting some Ron Burgundy...
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Jun 28, 2011