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Actually, you're right on one thing... He was called to testify by the proponents, but ended up agreeing with the opponents mostly. From his Wikipedia article: "Blankenhorn was presented to the court as an expert witness in Perry v. Schwarzenegger by the proponents of California Proposition 8 (2008), a constitutional amendment restricting marriage to the union of opposite-sex couples.[9] On cross-examination by David Boies, Blankenhorn stated that marriage's "rule of two people" is not violated by polygamy, because "Even in instances of a man engaging in polygamous marriage, each marriage is separate. He — one man — marries one woman."[10] During questioning, Blankenhorn stated "I believe that adopting same-sex marriage would be likely to improve the well-being of gay and lesbian households and their children."[11] Also, he identified 22 other benefits of adopting same-sex marriage, published on page 203 of his book "The Future of Marriage", stating only 5 with which he disagreed. Some of the benefits with which he did agree included that it would: increase the proportion of gays and lesbians in stable, committed relationships; lead to higher living standards for same-sex couples; lead to fewer children growing up in state institutions and more growing up in loving adoptive and foster families; decrease the amount of anti-gay prejudice and hate crimes; and decrease the number of those warily viewed as "other" in society, further reaching the American ideal.[12]" As for what you intended, that's not relative to this discussion about the video you posted. What's relevant is what THEY - the people in the video - intended. And they have repeatedly said that marriage is best for couples - including LGBT couples. Yes, the same benefits have been found. That's why the group's like AFA always put out statements about how marriage is good for families - but when you look closely you can see that they mean both straight and gay families. After all, it says so right in the studies y'all quote (but conveniently skip that portion!). And this will blow your mind, Ryan. David Blankenhorn may be "pro-traditional marriage," but he just penned an op-ed in North Carolina to tell folks to vote against their proposed constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality. Their amendment mirrors Indiana's proposed amendment. Hence, he'd be opposed to the tripe you're pushing too. In fact, Elizabeth Marquardt, the Institute's director (also featured in your first video!) co-wrote the op-ed with him. They conclude: "[A]s marriage advocates, we oppose the state marriage amendment now being debated in North Carolina. We hope that when North Carolinians go to the polls on May 8 they will defeat this measure." Read more here: Your side is slowly coming to the realization that they've been led astray by bigots and snake oil salesmen. It's what usually happens when folks find out they've been deceived.
You're right. They do identify marriage as important. So do gays and lesbians. That's why the Institute argues that same-sex marriage should be legal - because it is important. That's why they chastise organizations like yours who argues it should be illegal. The founder of the organization testified during the Prop 8 trial on behalf of the LGBT community. The group you regularly tout - the National Organization for Marriage - led the charge against marriage in California. It's also listed as an official hate group. But you already knew that when you decided to post these videos pretending that they sanction discrimination, didn't you?
@Tom - As the owner and founder of Bilerico Project - a site where Waymon is an editor - I have had quite the opposite experience with Waymon. I've found him to be easy to work with, dedicated, responsible, and eager to work toward full equality for all without having to resort to bitter tired tactics of division. You could do well to learn some of those techniques yourself.
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Apr 8, 2010