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As a major fan of the Miami Dolphins, I am hopeful that all this could just be Jason Taylor trying to get some peace & quiet during the off season... He has held this team together and kept them from being the "Bottom of the Bucket" type team for 4 of his nine years at Miami...And at virtually our lowest point as a team, nobody has shown more love for the franchise than Mr.Taylor... I just hope that Jason Taylor doesn't take the media speculations to heart..Bill Parcells never had any use for the Hollywood attitude in players and isn't going to tolerate it now, but to say that it will drive Taylor to quit his team, come on!!! JASON TAYLOR IS NOT RICKY WILLIAMS AND WOULDN'T QUIT FOR ANYTHING!!!!! I don't think that Parcells or anyone else could make him want to quit enough to ask for a release from contract. Jason just wants some quiet this Summer season before the Fin's finally get Taylor his AFC Champions ring!!!! Hey Jason, I just bought my new #99 lucky Dolphins jersey, so please don't make it obsolete on me..
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