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Bill Van Loan
Los Angeles, United States
Communications Strategist with a Photographic Memory
Interests: helping others, art, comedy, plays, pilates, exercise, promoting creative people, win-win relationships, piano concerts, humanitarian work and promoting women in leadership is a passion of mine...
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Your job in bringing about change is the easy part. Just two steps are required for unleashing metaphysical energies and laws, bringing about what others will likely call miracles, luck, destiny, divine intervention, coincidence, and the like. And if you simply take both steps, and keep on taking them until there are results, as long as you aren’t tripping over the nuances named in the following steps, thy kingdom or queen-dom must come. But you have to take these two steps even though it may seem that you’re all alone, nothing’s happening, and the odds are severely stacked against you.... Continue reading
If you lease a car, borrow money for school or engage in some other complex transaction, there's a contract to sign. It's filled with rules and obligations, and the profit-maximizing finance organization does everything it can to do as little as it can (and make you responsible for as much as it can). This sort of contract has evolved into a battle, an effort to get something now and deliver as little as possible later. Loopholes and fine print are there for a reason, and it's not to make you happy. Contracts like this are about the past. "We agreed... Continue reading
Maybe that's the problem. Perhaps it's better to commit to wading instead. Ship, sure. Not the giant life-changing, risk-it-all-venture, but the small. When you do a small thing, when you finish it, polish it, put it into the world, you've made something. You've committed and you've finished. And then you can do it again, but louder. And larger. It's easy to be afraid of taking a plunge, because, after all, plunging is dangerous. And the fear is a safe way to do nothing at all. Wading, on the other hand, gets under the radar. It gives you a chance to... Continue reading
A lot of folks ask us how they can use Typepad to create a more traditional website. One way is to use the Pages feature to create a welcome or landing page. Readers will see this page first when visiting your site and then they can click around to other content. An example of a Typepad site with a landing page is recent Typepad Services client Darcy Daniels - she uses a Page to welcome folks to her site and direct them to important content. This is a really easy way to give your site the look and feel of... Continue reading
Are you what I call a Sweet Success Story? Share your tale now. Have you shed excess weight, eliminated your horrible headaches, gotten rid of your pre-cancerous condition, or done away with another pesky health problem by kicking or cutting back on sugar, refined carbs and other high-glycemic foods such as corn nuts, potato chips, and French fries? Not only that but cutting out the culprit carbs can help you overcome a variety of health challenges, as thousands of people -- whom I call "Sugar Kickers" or "Carb Kickers" -- have been gleefully sharing with me for 16-plus years since... Continue reading
There's not much overlap. Regardless of how you measure 'best' (elegance, deluxeness, impact, profitability, ROI, meaningfulness, memorability), it's almost never present in the thing that is the most popular. The best restaurant, Seinfeld episode, political candidate, brand of beer, ski slope, NASDAQ stock, you name it. Compare them to the most popular. Big is a choice. So is best. via Continue reading
Just one more level on this game, she says. Once I get to level 68, I'll be done. Just one more tweak to the car, they beg. Once we bump up the mileage, we'll be done. Just one more lotion, she asks. Once I put that on, my skin will be perfect and I'll be done. via Continue reading
''To gain happiness, you must learn to enjoy that which you have.� It is not how much you have.� It is what we�think�about that which we have that produces happiness.� In building a happy, contented life, you must give happiness to others.� No one living unto him or herself will ever be contented with his or her lot.� Your happiness is reflected upon you through the service you give to others.� And the thought you give to the creation of happiness will attract a happiness-service from others.� Start creating the happiness-habit by producing happy, love-filled thoughts.� Happiness is an attribute... Continue reading
The job is no longer to recite facts, to read the bio out loud, to explain something better found or watched online. No, the job is to personally and passionately make us care enough to look up the facts for ourselves.� When you introduce a concept, or a speaker, or an opportunity, skip the reading of facts. Instead, make a passionate pitch that drives inquiry. In the audience, in your employees, in your customers... via Continue reading
There is famous and there is famous to the family. Cousin Aaron is famous to my family. Or, to be less literal, the family of people like us might understand that Satya the milliner or perhaps Sarma Melngailis or Peter Olotka are famous. And famous to the family is precisely the goal of just about all marketing now. You don't need to be Nike or Apple or GE. You need to be famous to the small circle of people you are hoping will admire and trust you. Your shoe store needs to be famous to the 300 shoe shoppers in... Continue reading
�A positive attitude opens you to the flow of life. If you are depressed, angry, and unhappy, no one wants to be around you. You literally push people and opportunities away. The wonderful thing is that you have the freedom to choose which attitude you want to adopt. There is no perfect way; each way is unique to each individual. Knowing that you can choose how to react is especially important when unexpected problems occur. Remind yourself of techniques to keep a positive attitude. In doing so, you are guaranteed to have a happier life. To attract positive, joyful, and... Continue reading
If you say that in a meeting, you've failed. You've abdicated responsibility and just multiplied the time wasted by the number of people in the room. When we go around the room, everyone in the room spends the entire time before their turn thinking about what to say, and working to say something fairly unmemorable. And of course, this endless litany of 'saying' leads to little in the way of listening or response or interaction or action of any kind. The worst example I ever saw of this was when Barry Diller did it in a meeting with 220 attendees.... Continue reading
In a world that lacks so many traditional gatekeepers, there are fewer people than ever to say no to your project, your idea, your song. If you want to put it out there, go ahead. On the other hand, that also means that there are fewer people who can say yes. That's now your job too. If you work in an organization, the underlying rule is simple: People are not afraid of failure, they’re afraid of blame. Avoid looking in the mirror and saying no. More challenging: practice looking in the mirror and saying yes. via Continue reading
Wrap it in a bow Serve it on ice What's worth more, the frame or the poster? It turns out that a well-framed bit of graphics is often transformed, at least in the eyes of the person engaging with it. It might be the very same beautiful object that was thumbtacked to the wall, but it sure feels different. via Continue reading
There's a relationship that's easy to imagine but actually incorrect: We often come to the conclusion that in order to make something magical, we'll need magical events to occur to get there. Building a startup is hard. Publishing a great book successfully is quite difficult. Launching a non-profit that matters is a Herculean task. I hope you will do all three, and more, often. But while your intent is pure and your goal is to create magic, the most common mistake is to believe that the marketplace will agree with your good intent and support you. More specifically, that media... Continue reading
Each new season brings a new "Teens On Facebook" survey. But the latest Piper Jaffrey study of 7200 teens age 12-19 confirms a trend we've seen brewing since last year - teens are leaving�Facebook.�As of last month, less than half answered yes when asked if they use the social giant.��Between the spring of this year and now, teen Facebook use fell from 72% to 45%, according to Piper Jaffrey. via Continue reading
The most urgent jobs tend to be line jobs. Profit and loss. Schedules to be drawn and honored. Projects to deliver. The line manager initiates. The line manager delivers. Staff jobs are important, no doubt about it. The staff keeps the lights on, provides resources on demand and is standing by ready to help the line manager. But the staff person doesn't get to say yes and doesn't get to say go. via Continue reading
On Wednesday, November 5, 2014, I'll be doing a small group master class in San Francisco for tech startups. I'll also be part of a fascinating series at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on December 1. If you can't make it, some free lectures and podcasts that might come in handy: via Continue reading
It's tragic but not surprising to watch the marketing of another epidemic unfold. It starts with, "We" don't have Ebola, "they" do. They live somewhere else, or look different or speak another language. Our kneejerk reaction is that "they" need to be isolated from us (more than 55% of Americans favor a travel ban for everyone, not just the sick). Even fifty years ago, a travel ban was difficult, now it's impossible. The world is porous, there are more connections than ever, and we've seen this before. Tuberculosis. Polio. AIDS. Fear runs rampant, amplified by the media, a rising cycle... Continue reading
It's possible to bend language to your will, to invest extraordinary amounts of effort and care to make words do what you want them to do. Our culture celebrates athletes that shape their bodies, and chieftains who build organizations. Lesser known, but more available, is the ability to work on our words until they succeed in transmitting our ideas and causing action. Here's the thing: you may not have the resources or the physique or the connections that people who do other sorts of work have. But you do have precisely the same keyboard as everyone else. It's the most... Continue reading
Source "Morning Sun"�— Strange Talk"Harvest of Gold" — Gossling"Vampires" — S"Canyon Moon" — Andrew McMahon"Break the Cycle" — You + Me"Celeste"�— Ezra Vine"Up We Go" — Lights"No Quick Fix"�— Nada Surf"Open Season" — Josef Salvat"i" — Kendrick Lamar"Little Thoughts"�— Bloc Party"The Hunter and the Hunted"�— Cowboy Indian Bear"Something May Catch Fire"�— Chuck Ragan via Continue reading
Let not a day go bye without being nice to someone,� Smile at a stranger and watch their face light up, you never know just how lonely they might be or how good� via Continue reading
Today, BoF can reveal that the Apple Watch will make its fashion editorial debut on the cover of Vogue China’s November issue, featuring supermodel Liu Wen. We spoke to Angelica Cheung, editor-in-chief of Vogue China, to get the story behind the story. via Continue reading
One list highlights the lucky breaks, the advantages, the good feedback, your trusted network. It talks about the accident of being born in the right time and the right place, your health, your freedom. It features your education, your connection to the marketplace and just about every nice thing someone has said about you in the last week or month. The other list is the flipside. It contains the obstacles you've got to deal with regularly, the defects in your family situation, the criticisms your work has received lately. It is a list of people who have better luck than... Continue reading