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Bill Van Loan
Los Angeles, United States
Communications Strategist with a Photographic Memory
Interests: helping others, art, comedy, plays, pilates, exercise, promoting creative people, win-win relationships, piano concerts, humanitarian work and promoting women in leadership is a passion of mine...
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In the short run, it's more fun to be a consumer. It sure seems like consumers have power. The customer is always right, of course. The consumer can walk away and shop somewhere else. In the long run, though, the smart producer wins, because the consumer comes to forget how to produce. As producers consolidate (and they often do) they are the ones who ultimately set the agenda. Producers do best when they serve the market, but they also have the power to lead the market. The more you produce and the more needs you meet, the more freedom you... Continue reading
It has been your dream to become a published author and the day finally came! You have a hard copy in your hands and it feels awesome!� Of course you want everyone to know, you announced it on your blog and include it your About Page but is that enough? No, it's never enough! Did you know that you have a few options to sell your book right on your Typepad blog? It's true, and today we will explain how.� Typepad blogger Emily Martin from The Black Apple writes children's books. In her sidebar she has thumbail images of each... Continue reading
Everyone used to read the morning paper because everyone did. Everyone like us, anyway. The people in our group, the informed ones. We all read the same paper. Everyone used to read the selection of the book of the month club, because everyone did. And everyone used to watch the same TV shows too. It was part of being not only informed, but in sync. via Continue reading
Ian Sample in The Guardian: The nation can hold its head up high. Once again, researchers in Britain have been honoured with that most coveted of scientific awards, the Ig Nobel prize. Not to be confused with the more prestigious – and lucrative – prizes doled out from Stockholm next month, the Ig Nobels are awarded for science that makes people laugh and then makes them think. via Continue reading
Begin each morning by resolving to find something in the day to enjoy.Look into each experience which comes to you for some grain of happiness. You can have a positive attitude about the events in your life , or you can come from a place of complaint and misery.You decide.You can consciously choose to respond in a positive way to almost any event or circumstance-a positive attitude is simple a choice you make. Now we all know people with negative attitudes .They are the ones who constantly complain , whine , and moan. Nothing seems to go right for them.... Continue reading
Some people want safety and respect. They want to know what the work rules are, they want a guarantee that the effort required is both predictable and rewarded. They seek an environment where they won't feel pushed around, surprised or taken advantage of. Other people want challenge and autonomy. They want the opportunity to grow and to delight or inspire the people around them. They seek both organizational and personal challenges, and they like to solve interesting problems. Without a doubt, there's an overlap here, but if you find that your approach to the people around you isn't resonating, it... Continue reading
True happiness comes from within, not from someone else.� Don’t make the mistake of waiting on someone or something to come along and make you happy.Don’t choose the one who is beautiful to the world, choose the one who makes your world beautiful.If you feel like your ship is sinking, it might be a good time to throw out the stuff that’s been weighing it down.� Let go of people who bring you down, and surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you.Just because it didn’t last forever, doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth your while.Say what you... Continue reading
The future is bumpy. It comes in spurts, and then it pauses. It's tempting to connect two dots and draw a line to figure out where the third dot is going to be.� In the long run, that's a smart way to go. For example, if we look at the cost per transistor in 1970 and again today, we can make a pretty smart guess about where it's going in the future. via Continue reading
like this stuff. When you work in a genre (any genre), break all the rules at your own peril. Sure, you need to break some rules, need to do something worth talking about. But please understand who the work is for. If it's for people outside the genre, you have a lot of evangelizing to do. And if it's for those that are already in it, you can't push too far, because they like the genre. That's why they're here. via Continue reading
Watching "21 Jump Street" I was reminded of concealed weapons. �If your not familiar, these guys are cops but must pose as highschool students to find out how drugs are getting into this school. �If you are going undercover you need to carry weapons that are hidden... Most of us won't be doing undercover police work but we want to carry a weapon or another item that can be hidden. �Here's a scene where the guys carry weapons under their prom tux. �Scince you and I probably aren't wearing a bullet proof vest we can wear one of our concealment... Continue reading
Yes, you may have loved your feather pillow at first, but now, not so much. You see, real feathers more esily harbor dust mites and allergens. The Cervical Traction Neck Pillow Doesn't! Why is this you might wonder...? It's because it's made with synthetic fibers. This way it can be properly treated to be allergen resistant... Not only that, it won't lose it's support so easily. Do you ever find yourself trying to bunch up pillow under your neck with your down pillow? This won't happen with your traction pillow! via Continue reading
The next thing you do today will be the most important thing on your agenda, because, after all, you're doing it next. Well, perhaps it will be the most urgent thing. Or the easiest. In fact, the most important thing probably isn't even on your agenda. via Continue reading
When the masses only connect to the net without a keyboard, who will be left to change the world? It is possible but unlikely that someone will write a great novel on a tablet. You can't create the spreadsheet that changes an industry on a smart phone. via Continue reading
Wake up every morning in such a way that you commit yourself to live the life you love and dream , yes! It is possible if you follow your heart and choose to make the most of the gift you’ve been given. You have seeds of greatness in you. Let them flourish into kind and love actions to share with the world. Do always your best , do it with all your whole heart. via Continue reading
At some point, the world (the project, the moment) becomes so chaotic or dangerous that we sacrifice law in exchange for order. The question is: when. When is it time to declare martial law? (or your version of it) via Continue reading
You've probably been to one. The organization is about to embark on something new--a new course, a new building, a new fundraising campaign. The organizer calls together the team, and excitement is in the air. Choose which sort of meeting you'd like to have: The amateur's launch meeting is fun, brimming with possibility and excitement. Everything is possible. Goals are meant to be exceeded. Not only will the difficult parts go well, but this team, this extraordinary team, will be able to create something magical. via Continue reading
We can transform a priceless thing into a worthless one. Mishandle it, disrespect it, break it, leave it out in the rain. The compromise of the moment, the urgency of now, the lack of a long view--it's trivially easy to destroy things we think of as priceless. But we can also transform the worthless into things valuable beyond measure. When we attach memories to something, it becomes worth treasuring. And when the tribe uses it to connect, we have a hard time imagining living without it. via Continue reading
Watches and eyeglasses have morphed into devices that many choose to spend time and money on, becoming not just tools, but a form of identity. We could extend this a bit to handbags and to cars, but the number of items that qualify as functional jewelry is fairly small--and the market for each is huge, far bigger than if the only use was as a tool. Apple has long flirted around the edges of this psychological sweetspot, and the reaction to yesterday's watch is fascinating to see. via Continue reading
Access to people Access to capital Access to technology Access to infrastructure Access to gatekeepers Access to trust (and the benefit of the doubt) Access to civilization Access to energy Access to information Access to responsibility Access to freedom Some come from free markets, some come from societal infrastructure, some from technology. So easy to undervalue, until you don't have them. I don't think we should be so quick to take these for granted. via Continue reading
Is the goal to get people to notice what we make? or Are we setting out to make something people choose to talk about? If you don't know your boss's answer to this, find out. If you do, act accordingly. Hint: getting people to talk (or care) about your average stuff for average people is a lot more difficult than it ever was before. via Continue reading
Facebook is proving that YouTube is not the only place that people watch videos. Growth in video views on the social network exceeded 50%�from May through July of this year, according to new stats released today Since June there are an average of more than 1 billion video views every day on Facebook.�More than 65% of FB video views happen on mobile. By comparison�YouTube last reported that it delivered 4 billion views per day in 2012, but usage has frown exponentially since then. via Continue reading
Lately I've been under way more stress than usual. I'm dealing with a break-up,�I'm soon going to be moving to a new apartment, and I've recently gotten a lot more on my plate work-wise (a good thing, but definitely doesn't help the stress level!). Stress�really gets in the way of living a positively present life so I've been doing the best I can to combat the stress I've been feeling with tactics I've tried in the past and new ones that I've recently read or heard about.� Over the past couple of weeks, I've given all of these a try... Continue reading
Point to your personal websiteShow us some of the projects you’ve led that have shipped and made an impactShow us work you’ve done on the clock, and how you made it workAre you restless? What do you make or do in your spare time that leaves a trail and makes an impact?Find a particularly lame example of UX on the web and fix it into something better than goodWhat’s the best lesson you’ve learned from Steve Krug or Steve McConnell?Point to a blog post that changed the way you think about connecting with people online� via Continue reading
The Overcast podcast app is my favorite. And this is my favorite podcast. Chris Guillebeau's new book is a pleasure to read. And here are two insightful books on b2b consultative selling, one a classic, one new. And Rohan's blog is better than ever. Tim Wu, perhaps the smartest person crazy enough to run for Lieutenant Governor of New York, wrote a book called The Master Switch that ought to be read by every person who cares about the future of the internet, even if you're not able to vote for him tomorrow. via Continue reading