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Bill Van Loan
Los Angeles, United States
Communications Strategist with a Photographic Memory
Interests: helping others, art, comedy, plays, pilates, exercise, promoting creative people, win-win relationships, piano concerts, humanitarian work and promoting women in leadership is a passion of mine...
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We know what you want to accomplish. We know how you'd like everything to turn out. The real question is, "what are you willing to push through the dip for?" What are you willing to stand up for, bleed for, commit to and generally be unreasonable about? Because that's what's going to actually get done. via Continue reading
One model of organization is to find something that you're good at and that's easy and straightforward and get paid for that. The other model is to seek out things that are insanely difficult and do those instead. Dave Ramsey does a three hour radio show every day. He books theaters and has a traveling road show. He has the discipline to only publish a new book quite rarely, and to stick with it for years and years as it moves through the marketplace. He has scores of employees. And on and on. By doing hard work that others fear,... Continue reading
I would imagine that there are certain situations, perhaps involving the martial arts, where bracing for impact is a good idea. The rest of the time, not so much. If your car is about to hit a tree at thirty miles an hour, or the jet is about to slam into the wall of the Grand Canyon, it's not altogether clear that tensing all your muscles and preparing to be squashed is going to do you much good at all. Worse than this, far worse, is that we brace for impact way more often than impact actually occurs. The boss... Continue reading
Architecture students bristle when Joshua Prince-Ramus tells them that they are entering a rhetorical profession. A great architect isn't one who draws good plans. A great architect gets great buildings built. Now, of course, the same thing is true for just about any professional. A doctor has to persuade the patient to live well and take the right actions. A scientist must not only get funded but she also has to persuade her public that her work is well structured and useful. via Continue reading
“There cannot be a relationship unless there is commitment, unless there is loyalty, unless there is understanding, patience, and persistence.”―Cornel West Relationships - of all kinds - are like sand held in your hand.�Held loosely with an open hand,�the sand remains where it is.The minute you close your hand and squeeze tightly to hold on,�the sand trickles through your fingers.�You may hold on to some of it, but most will be spilled.A relationship is like that.�Held loosely, with respect and freedom for the other person,�it is likely to remain intact. But hold too tightly, too possessively,�and the relationship slips away... Continue reading
Isn't the drawing board the place where all the best work happens? It's not a bad thing to go back there. It's the entire point. (HT to Neil). via Continue reading
"I'll show them!" Creative people need fuel. Overcoming the resistance and quieting the lizard brain takes a lot of work. Often, we seek external forces to excite us, inspire us or push us to take the leap necessary to do something that might not work. And so we read what the critics write, mistakenly believing that it will help improve the work. via Continue reading
Here are two of the first photographic portraits ever taken, far more than a hundred years ago: They could have been taken with Instagram, no? I'm all in favor of self-driving cars and advanced robotics that will change everything. But few of us get to do that for a living. Mostly, we find new ways to do old things, better. No need to fool yourself into holding back just because your innovation or product doesn't contain a flavor that's never been tasted before or an experience previously unimagined. via Continue reading
It Takes Courage It takes courage to refrain from gossip when others delight in it - to stand up for the absent person who is being abused. It takes courage to live honestly within your means, and not dishonestly on the means of others. It takes courage to be a REAL man or a TRUE woman, to hold fast to your ideals when it causes you to be looked upon as strange and peculiar. It takes courage to be talked about and remain silent, when a word would justify you in the eyes of others, but which you dare not... Continue reading
Your peer group are people with similar dreams, goals and worldviews. They are people who will push you in exchange for being pushed, who will raise the bar and tell you the truth. They're not in your business, but they're in your shoes. Finding a peer group and working with them, intentionally and on a regular schedule, might be the single biggest boost your career can experience. via Continue reading
I have learned too much of the vanity�of human affairs to expect any felicity�from public life.��But I am determined�to be cheerful and happy in whatever�situation I may be.��For I have learnedfrom experience that the greater part�of our happiness or misery depends�on our dispositions and not on our�circumstances.� We carry the seeds�with us in our minds wherever we go.Martha Washington� via Continue reading
Before you're asked. Before she asks for the memo, before the customer asks for a refund, before your co-worker asks for help. Volunteer. Offer. Imagine what the other person needs, an exercise in empathy that might become a habit. via Continue reading
I am a big fan of concealment clothing- especially ones you can wear underneath your clothes, away from prying eyes and pick pockets. My favorite peice in the entire line is the tank top for women. Often when I travel I wear a tank top as a layering piece. Airports and airplanes are usually cold so the tank top is a great extra piece for warmth. This one serves a dual purpose.� My new tank that I wear has shirt pockets for the things I need most when travelling. I can carry cash, jewellery, credit cards, and even passports for... Continue reading
Sometimes it's fun or profitable to throw your weight around, to get customers or partners or students or the media or even local government agencies to do what you need them to do. Inevitably, weight throwers come to a fork in the road: Are you doing this to get people to do what's good for them or what's good for you? via Continue reading
I have arm and and hand pain but can't tell if it's stemming from my neck or coming from the arm? This is a common dilemma.� First, look to when it started and the cause.� If you had an injury to the arm or hand, the pain is probably coming from the arm.� Now, if you wake up in the morning with your neck in pain unless yo tilt to the right side, then pain is most likely coming from the neck. via Continue reading
Source "Afterlife" — Ingrid Michaelson"Lost Stars"�— Adam Levine"Fire Without a Flame" — NONONO"Uptight Downtown" — La Roux"Kingfisher"�— Phox"Wish I Was Here" — Colplay + Cat Power"I Am Mountain"�— Gungor"It's a Longer Road to California..."�— The Wind + the Wave"Shut In" — Strand of Oaks"Oh Darling" — Gossling"Plans"�— Bloc Party"This Isn't Our Parade" — Santigold� via Continue reading
That's a common mantra among those that say that they want to leap, but haven't, and aren't, and won't. What they're actually saying is, "I don't have any ideas that are guaranteed to work, and not only that, are guaranteed to cause no criticism or moments when I'm sure the whole thing is going to fall apart." And that sentence is probably true. via Continue reading
At any time, you can decide to change the road you're on in life, take a new direction, follow a new trail.� You are the only one who really knows what you want from life and if you're on the right road for you.� You are the only one who can fulfill your dreams and receive the joys and happiness that come from reaching those aspirations and goals. Don't expect others to be responsible for your happiness and your success.� You must take control and be in charge of your destiny and day-to-day situations.� Take advice (most of the time... Continue reading
Rule one has two parts:� a. the customer is always right b. if that's not true, it's unlikely that this person will remain your customer. via Continue reading
I wanted to clear up any confusion. �The short answer is yes, you can wear concealment clothes in the airport. �In fact, when traveling is when you often need these extra pockets. �Just don't do anything silly and forget you're carrying a weapon in a pocket when going in the airport. �That's serious stuff...Especially with the high security, and people on gaurd these days. �You have to take everything out of your pockets when going in, atleast through the scanner area. �Now you'll even notice that a percentage of people are x-rayed. �If you've got something in a pocket, make... Continue reading
Resist the ad hoc. Announce that this is a project, and that it matters enough to be treated as one.The project needs a leader, a person who takes responsibility as opposed to waiting for it to be given.Write it down. All of it. Everything that people expect, everything that people promise.Send a note confirming that you wrote it down, specifically what you heard, what it will cost and when they will have it or when they promised it.Show your work. Show us your estimates and your procedures and most of all, the work you're going to share with the public... Continue reading
It was designed at home, on the kitchen someone who didn't get their name on itNever been done before, not guaranteed to get built or to workIt was criticized by hundreds of leading intellectuals and cultural expertsIt wasn't supposed to last very longIt's designed to be an icon, it's not an accidentPeople flock to it because it's famousYou can sketch a recognizable version of it on a napkinYour turn to build one. Happy Bastille Day. via Continue reading
Two hundred years ago, the government of Sweden changed everything: They required all their citizens to be literate. It transformed every element of the culture and economy of Sweden, an effect that's felt to this day. Television, of course, is a great replacement for the hard work of learning to read and write, but, if you think about it, so are autocratic governments and dogmas that eliminate choice. Unguided reading is a real threat, because unguided reading leads to uncomfortable questions. Teach someone to read and you guarantee that they will be able to learn forever. Teach an entire culture... Continue reading