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Billy Riddle
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As a Republican, I want Dick Perry to run for President, so he can get the heck out of Texas. He is mean enough to get the deficit under control by any means necessary(Sorry Grandma), and is pro-Israel(as compared to the Obamanation).
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2011 on Poll: Obama leads Perry in Texas at PoliTex
Glenn Beck needs to stay out of Texas. He's a demagogic, lying nutcase posing as a conservative. He's not a conservative, he's a Beckian Quasi-Fascist. He makes Limbaugh look like a Democrat. He needs to go to New York to drive them insane, and leave Texas alone.
I hope that Perry is nominated as the Republican Nominee, so we can get him the heck out of Texas. He is probably the only candidate cut throat enough to actually get the deficit under control. Personally, I can't stand him or the Obamanation!
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Jul 3, 2011