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Bil Simser
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This was a great episode as I am now going to seek out zombie dice and tsuro and force my wife to play (I didn't care much for bite me). And you're right, Ryan is a witch. No human could roll that many brains.
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Looking forward to whatever this series is. Here's another thought. While it won't work as an audio book, there are some games made for the iPad/iPhone from Ian Livingston's Fighting Fantasy series. How about Wil Wheaton narrating the passages for Warlock of Firetop Mountain paired with the game. That would make the bland into totally awesome. Well, in my books anyways.
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Wil, I'm glad you had a great time in here. Unfortunately I was unable to get into the show to see any of the cast but I'm living vicariously through the videos and blog posts. Tons of emotion on the entire cast reunion and my friend who was doing security for you guys had some great stories to share. I'm happy this happened when it did. You're always welcome in Calgary (just give me a heads up so I can clean the house).
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Sounds like an awesome trip. Will be interesting to see the vids and photos. I'm in Calgary so looking forward to the con this weekend but alas, we have no celebs here to offer the calibre of Australia. I think there might be a busker or two here and of course 10,000 screaming fans of Star Trek. I keep repeating to myself "I will not be a dick this weekend, I will not be a dick this weekend..." so perhaps others will follow. We're a tame crowd. Just throw out some twinkies and AOL floppy disks and the fans will calm themselves.
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Sad and douchey to be buying apps with someone else's account. Too bad there wasn't a "Zap the person holding this device with a 100,000 volt charge" feature in the Kindle.
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How have you seen the gaming industry change over the years, from tabletop to desktop to mobile. The influence (or lack of) of computers on tabletop gaming (how many people use computer based utilities to supplement games?) and have people jumped ship from traditional tabletop to computerized desktop (either stand-alone games or online like WoW). Finally what's the future look like for tabletop gaming?
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So when is the show with you playing Zombies!!! going to air? ;)
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Mar 19, 2012