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Dud's critics need not justify his motivation to prevaricate. They must only demonstrate his misprecision. Dud's a f***ing liar. Gonna be till he or the council pull the plug on this idiocy. I've said it before: he or a member of his family has a grudge to settle with someone on the block. Because of his popularity with others as powerful, he will escape without a scratch or bruise. The mayor & council will bail him out ... just after the election that removes them from office.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2009 on Tangled Webb at Lowell's
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Yes! I nominate Israel; Assension Island; Diego Garcia; Antarctica; Greenland (so being stationed at Thule will be a domestic billet - buy it from Denmark) and the Christmas, Easter & Norfolk Islands.
Toggle Commented May 28, 2009 on New Members. at The Rural Democrat
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Shack, Check your math on James River. Looks mor like 40% then 10%. Write soon; call if you get work; call collect if they're still hiring. Bim
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Oh, come-on guys! Have you heard the latest? Carrie Prejean & Sarah Palin are going to go topless and conquer the world with swords! Honest! Nostradamus predicted it in 1555. All this apocalyptic, rapturous end of the world fear is right up the G-O-P's hoop skirt. They pander to fear and you've just frequeking delivered. On time. On demand. On target. Well I won't call on you for artillery fire support - too bloody likely to get a short round. There's still no reason to vote for Mangy-Mongi; his lack of attention to detail, his track record in civil rights, his proclivity to engage in other rites and his support of unsafe use of coal. Let's all consider Bill Cox, Mayor of Madisonville, - or - Tina Ward-Pugh, council woman of Louisville as compromise substitutes in the Senate race. Let Mongiardo openly abandon the Democratic Party, with which he keeps no company on issues, to be the Republican candidate. Face it ... he's already out polling Bunning and Greyson among Republicans.
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Just why are you (plural) so willing to believe Republicans and fellow travellers on the issue of the war and conduct of those sworn to inimicability towards her. She is the subject of so much abuse and inappropriate behavior by others that you (plural --- the group) need to learn how to cut her (and other liberals) some slack. I had the CIA revise docs after briefings in the Carter White House; this is not the first time they've lied, cheated and stolen. Get behind the Speaker, at least until she's convicted. Hell ... youseguise trample the the peanut gallery everytime the Republicans throw any false allegation on the ground like a welcome mat. Yes, I believe Mongiardo is a better Republican than Democrat and I've often said that the Democrats are effectively a two a two-party system unto themselves and that the demise of the Republicans is irrelevant to our Democratic system. Look at how disorganized, inelegantly prejudiced and irrevocably misinformed they are ... I love tweaking their prejudices and ignorances - but - in the end they are dinosaurs with no relevance whatsoever to the present or future.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2009 on Time for another break! at The Rural Democrat
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